Read and Write for Google

  • Read & Write for Google:  From now until June 30, 2017 all MCPS students and staff have free access to all premium features of Read and Write for Google (RWG).   Since January of 2016, MCPS has been providing subscriptions upon request to students who have IEPs, 504 plans or who are ELL students.  Our subscription list has grown rapidly and we have gotten enough positive feedback that we are now pursuing a trial for the entire district.  We want to know if this is a tool that is useful for students beyond those students who have disabilities or who are new to the English language.  Read and Write is a tool that is available to all University of Montana and Montana State students and is available in many school districts and Universities across the country.  Is it a good fit for MCPS as well?   Read & Write for Google is a web based extension on the Chrome Browser and is fully integrated with all Google APPS for Education.  It supports students with written content available on the Internet and provides tools for reading and writing on Google Docs, websites, PDFs and epub files.  Students will be able to use Read and Write for Google at home and school on devices that can access a web browser including Chromebooks, PCs and Macs.    

    If you would like an inservice for your staff on this powerful Google Extension, please contact Theresa McGeary, email  And please check out the links on the right for more resources. Please consider showing the video links to your classes.  RWG is simple to use and many students will be able to use it independently after they have been introducted to it.