What is this heart icon on my preference list?

When setting up your preferred substitutes list, you’ll see a small heart icon next to each name. While you’re able to add any number of substitutes to your preference list, Aesop allows you to rank five substitutes on that list to receive advanced notification of your absence. All of the substitutes on your list can log in to see the absence at the same time, but your “favorite five” substitutes will be notified by email and phone that there is an absence available to them.

How can I schedule a specific substitute into an absence?

Depending on your district’s settings, you may have the ability to assign a specific substitute to your absence provided they are fully qualified and available. If you have that permission, you will see a button to Save or Save and Assign when creating your absence . Clicking Save and Assign will bring up an option to search for available substitutes or select them from the preferred substitutes list.

How far in advance can I create an absence?

There are two methods of entering your absences. If you enter your absence over the phone, it can be done up to one month in advance. If you enter the absence online, it can be entered up to one year in advance.

What if there is a substitute that I never want in my classroom?

If there is a substitute that you never want in your classroom, you will need to add them to your excluded substitutes list. In your account settings, you will see this tab right below the preferred substitutes list. Simply hit Add Substitutes and find the names you need to exclude. This will prevent them from ever seeing jobs for your classroom. If you don’t see this tab in your account settings, you will need to contact your district’s Aesop Administrator to have that list built.

How do I attach a file to all my absences? What types of files can be attached?

With each absence you create, you have the option to upload a single file to that absence. However, you can also have Aesop automatically attach a file to each absence you create within a specified date range. To upload this file, simply navigate to the "Account" tab and click Shared Attachments. Here, you can choose a file from your computer or drag and drop a file for upload. Files that can be uploaded must be in .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx and must be less than 256 kb in size.