• Miss Thomas   Parent Information


    Morning Drop Off:

    The first school bell rings at 8:25.  Please make every effort to arrive on time.  The buses will arrive at school between 8:10 and 8:25 and students will go either to breakfast or the playground.  Parents may drop off on the playground before 8:25.  NOTE: There is no staff on the playground before school.  Due to many morning meetings for staff, drop off in the classroom before the bell is not an option. 

    Table Jobs:  There is an independent/review type of activity for the class first thing so that I can have a moment to talk briefly with parents and read notes. 


    Please check your child’s Boomerang folder each day.  Student work and notes from me will be on either a keep or return side.  The folder is also the best place to write me a note.

    The phone number for the classroom is 728-2400 X 4706.  I usually have the ringer off while working with the class, but leave a message and a big red light on the phone will flash. I will get your messages and call you back after 3:00.

    My school e-mail is lathomas@mcps.k12.mt.us


    Please send a snack for your child each day.  Snack is served at 10:00.

    Show and Tell:

    Your child will have time at morning meeting on their daily helper day to share something from home.  Please assist as needed in selecting an item and talking at home about what to say about it.  Items should be small enough to bring to school easily.  Electronics and pets are discouraged.


    We celebrate Birthdays with a favorite book of the birthday child instead of cupcakes or sweat treats.  It can be one the child, parent, special family member, or teacher can read. We do love to have visiting readers in kindergarten.  Of course we will SING! and maybe play a quick game too.  Summer birthdays can pick a day (let me know in advance), or we will schedule a date in June.  (I too am a summer birthday.) Please do not send in outside school Birthday party invitations to be passed out at school unless the whole class is invited. 


    Book Orders:

    I send out Scholastic book orders several times a year.  Please try to send the offer in by the date on the form to ensure timely delivery.  Book orders are a great way to earn free class books!  There is also a way to order online and this year Scholastic has provided account number stickers to attach to book orders.



    Your child will have a meal account for purchasing meals or milk. You do not have to use the account if you will be sending lunches from home every day.  If your child eats school meals you  may send cash each time, or have a balance on the account for your child to draw from.  Please send cash or checks labeled with your child’s name and account #.  Food service handles the accounts and will provide your child’s account # the first week of school.  You can also manage the account and see the menu through the MCPS website. Breakfast is from 8:10 to 8:25 and lunch from 12:05 to 12:30.



    Please label all items.    (required)  Inside shoes are helpful in wet and cold weather. Sneakers are also needed for P.E. days.  Accidents do happen in Kindergarten and recess can be too wet so a change of clothes will make such times more comfortable.  A small blanket is needed for quiet time.  Blankets will be sent home for washing periodically throughout the year. Clothes and blankets are stored in cubbies in the room.


    Classroom Helpers:

    There are district and classroom forms about volunteering.  I will contact you about coming in after I receive all the forms.  There are many ways to help!  Please feel invited to participate as you can.  Volunteering will start in a few weeks.  You may also just stop by if you would like to visit for a short time and find yourself with a moment.



    I line up the class by pick up, busses, and after school programs.  Parent pick up is outside the front office at the end of the covered walkway .  Please be aware that school for the intermediate grades is until 3:30 and staff is still working when Kindergarten dismisses.  If you are picking up please try to be on time.  Waiting on the bench is stressful to kindergarteners.  If dismissal plans change you must sent a note, or call before 2:30.  (required)  A student telling me they are going somewhere else after school will not work.