• 2-14-20

    Posted by Lisa Thomas on 2/14/2020

    Happy Valentine's Day,

    I hope you hear lots of "I love you"  from you child. It was so nice to see the class so excited to give valentine cards this morning. Thank you for your efforts to address and prepare our notions and cards. We will continue with some more valentine and 100 activities next week too.

    To follow up on the MSU nursing student dental presentation we will have a dental clinic in the drama area next week. We will also have some fun dental health activities out for choice time. With all the "sugar bugs" out at this time of year it is a good reminder to take care of that smile. :)   On Wednesday we watched a Mystery Doug lesson on the heart beat. We will follow up on that next Wednesday with some in class movement and listening to each others' heart beats. We are using strong paper towel tubes to hear our heart beats.

    Our reading program is still covering weather on non-fiction texts.  I am including other readings too.  We are using instruments to make weather sounds and create rain storms in the classroom.  Our newest set of sight words are... see, look, with, for, they, you, of, and she.  I am checking sight word knowledge to prepare spring report cards and many in the class are doing well with these frequently used words.

    In Math we are using ten frames (2 groups of 5 side by side) as a base to build teen numbers.


    Monday NO SCHOOL  President's day

    Tuesday Music

    Wednesday PE

    Thursday  Library

    Friday  PE



    Monday NO SCHOOL

    Friday SPARK  Theater 

    March 9, 10, 11 CONFERENCES

    March 13th NO SCHOOL   

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  • 2-7-20

    Posted by Lisa Thomas on 2/7/2020

    Dear KT families,

    What a fun 100th day! We are all so excited to be 100 days smarter.  Due to the fabulous play, Wendy and Peter with MCT, this afternoon we will be continuing some 100 day activities on Tuesday. THERE IS NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY. Teachers will be hearing from a national speaker from our reading assessment tool in the morning and at a staff created Ed Camp in the afternoon.  

    We are reading non-fiction weather books as part of our reading series. The class amazed me with vocabulary comprehension yesterday morning. We will be making weather reports after next week. They will be available at Conferences in March.

    Next week we will be off the routine to celebrate Valentine's day.  We like to read and share about love in Kindergarten!  Our Valentine exchange will be Friday morning. 

    We will begin our SPARK theater experience next Friday. We will be combining our weather unit with a performance of the water cycle.  Rosie Ayers is our SPARK artist. She just directed Leading Ladies and the MCT. We are very excited to work with her.

    Our Moose drawings, instructed by Jan Brett via video, will be on display at Stella Blue beginning tonight, First Friday. They will hang for the month and then come home. They are wonderful and I encourage you to find your way to the exhibit this month if not the opening tonight.


    Monday NO SCHOOL

    Tuesday Library

    Wednesday PE

    Thursday Music

    Friday PE

    UP coming Events

    Monday  NO SCHOOL

    Tuesday ART

    Wednesday Dental Health presentation


    Monday February 17th President's Day


    Thank you so much for everything you do!


    Miss Thomas

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  • Halloween and updates

    Posted by Lisa Thomas on 10/25/2019

    Happy Fall everyone,

    Next week is one of the most exciting weeks of the year for kindergarten children. We will be having a celebration in the classroom from 12:30 to 1:30 on Thursday the 31st. Below is a sign up genius link to help at the party or send in treats. Please refer to the school website and previous messages to you about Halloween costumes and healthy treats.  


    We are looking at trees, what they need to grow and survive, who needs a tree, and what comes from trees. This will include apples and apple trees that have history in the Rattlesnake valley.

    In reading we will read science and scary books. Our drama area is set up for pretend trick or treat. We will have pumpkins to explore and decorate.  This exploration will also focus on what plants need to grow and survive. 

    On November 5th we will be going to UM for a basketball game. A lunch order form was in the Boomerang folders yesterday. It will need to be returned by Wednesday next week. I do need 3 parent helpers to attend with us. If you are available and interested please let me know by email. The first 3 will come with. We are limited to only 3 per class.

    Parent teacher conferences are November 13th and 14th. A sign up genius sign up will to out next week.  There will be no school on Friday the 15th. I am looking forward to seeing you all and sharing your child's progress and success.

    Thank you!

    Miss Thomas

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  • 10-05-19

    Posted by Lisa Thomas on 10/25/2019

    Greetings KT families,

    I hope you did not get too wet at homecoming. Sunday was the real fall beauty.  Kindergarten will be looking at fall and the change of season after the State teacher"s convention. There is NO SCHOOL on October 18th or 19th.

    This week is a continuation of our unit on Home. We are branching out to our community and people who work there. This focuses around the book Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip with Kindergarten and the fire safety puppet show we had last week. If you did not hear about fire safety last week, ask your child about smoke detectors, fire drills, and stop/drop/roll.  Our Drama area is set up as a fire station; with hoses, hats, maps, and fire reports to fill out. We have house blocks and Lincoln logs in construction, and an art activity on how to draw a house. Our next book is A House for Hermit Crab. Our class pet hermit crabs will be the stars of that read.

    Unit one of Math is lots of rote counting and counting of objects.  This will continue with math games, daily counting routines, and counting books. We are counting the days of school using groups of ten.

    Science is our own habitat and social studies exploration of our community.  

    Specials this week is Counselor, Library, PE, Music, PE

    Upcoming events:

    October 17-18 NO SCHOOL

    October ART and vision screening

    October 31 Halloween (party 12-20 to 1:30)

    November 13-14 Parent -Teacher conferences

    November 15th NO SCHOOL

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  • August 30th

    Posted by Lisa Thomas on 8/30/2019

    Our first week was a great introduction to our school. We reviewed and practiced school expectations. 

    Next week we will begin our Kindergarten color unit. There is a letter about this 2 week unit in the parent pack. During this unit we will introduce and practice many classroom tools and routines through art, science, and literature. 

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