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Posted by Sherrie Harris on 11/2/2023

Dear 2-H Families,

Holy Moly…… Tomorrow marks our 40th day of school. Wow! October is wrapping up fast and soon our 1st set of conferences will take place.  I look forward to sharing your child’s successes with you, and also providing information about what’s to come as the year progresses! Please click on the conference Link to pick a date & time for your child’s conference. There's a variety to choose from.  🍂

Language Arts:

**We’re practicing the 3 sounds of ed - “d, t, ed”  For example:  turned      pushed     counted   

**We wrote and shared mini Jack o lantern stories. Each week we focus on a specific writing assignment in which we write, revise, edit, and share.

**We’re having fun focusing on “author’s purpose” this week. Did the author write to entertain, inform, or persuade? We’ve had great conversations regarding this topic.

**Our class completed a compare/contrast activity centered around the nonfiction story, “Friends Around the World”.  We used Venn Diagrams and rubrics to focus our learning. I’ll share this activity during conferences.



2 digit addition- We’re feeling confident in our strategies and will continue to practice. (A picture representing our common addition strategies can be found at the bottom of the email.)

2 digit subtraction- Just this week, we began subtracting 2 digit numbers. So far, we’ve practiced subtracting using the following methods: Quick Draw & Open Number Line.


Halloween- On October 31st we’ll have our Halloween celebration at the end of the day. We will celebrate with costumes, ghoulish parfaits, and spooky activities. Please remember that a full face mask is not allowed and all weapons need to be kept at home.  Please send your child with his/her costume in a bag, the morning of the 31st. 🎃

Whew….  That was A-LOT, thank you for taking time to read "Team Harris News" every two weeks!

Take Care….  😊                                                                              

Sherrie H.