• November is wrapping up fast!

    Posted by Sherrie Harris on 11/17/2022

    Dear Families,

    November is moving along quickly.  I can’t believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Today, please look for your child’s mail folder and celebrate the many tasks that your students are completing each day. 

    Classroom Tidbits

    *Thanksgiving Break:: Next week, school is in session Monday & Tuesday only. School will resume the 28th of November. Wishing you all a relaxing and fun break with family and friends. 

    Language Arts

    *We began studying contractions this week. We’re having fun pulling apart and creating contractions. I’ll be looking for the use of contractions in your child’s written work as the month progresses.   

    *We’re also reading a nonfiction selection titled, Money Matters.  Please ask your student to share a few details about what we’ve learned. 

    *Quick Word Books- We’ve been accessing and using our “mini dictionaries” to help  spell words we’re unsure of.  I’m super happy that many of my kiddos are taking the initiative to look up words while they’re writing. Hooray!!


    Identifying Coins- We’re knee deep in coins in Room #102. We’re having fun identifying pennies, nickels, dimes, and pennies. We’re learning who’s on each coin and what is on the back of each one. Please challenge your kiddos to practice adding up coins. Please remind your students to begin adding with their largest coin amounts. We’ll practice coins all through December. 

    Coin Poem- We’ve been practicing coin poems all week. Please ask your student if they have a specific poem memorized.  :)  

    All the best,         

    Mrs. H.  


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  • End of October .....

    Posted by Sherrie Harris on 10/31/2022

    Dear Families,

    October is wrapping up and November Fall Conferences are right around the corner. We’ve had 38 days together and I’m super happy with the learning that is taking place. Please enjoy reading about the upcoming events and our focused curriculum areas.

    Classroom Tidbits

    Marble Jar Celebration: Hip- Hip Hooray!! Our class filled the marble jar once again. We’ve been working SO hard as a class to create a fun, respectful, and responsible climate. I’m super proud of the progress that’s been made. To help celebrate, each student is allowed to wear PJ’s on Friday, the 28th. In addition, each student may choose a small stuffed animal to accompany them for the day. 

    *  Fall Conferences: Please click on the LINK to select a date & time to conference about your student’s classroom progress.  I'm looking forward to visiting with each of you. 

    *  Halloween- On October 31st we will have our Halloween celebration at the end of the day. We will celebrate with costumes, ghoulish parfaits, and spooky activities. Please remember that masks are not allowed and all weapons need to be kept at home.  Please send your child with his/her costume in a bag, the morning of the 31st. 

    Language Arts

    *We’ve been working on identifying and reading words with digraphs. 

    For example: sh, ch, wh, th, and tch  

    * We’ve been focusing on “Author’s Purpose” the past few weeks. Your students are awesome at identifying whether a book is written to Entertain, Inform or Persuade.  

    *We practiced sorting factual information using Venn Diagrams. We used the anthology, “Friends Around the World” to complete the activity. 

    Math: 2 digit addition- We’re feeling confident in our strategies and will continue to practice this concept throughout November.

            2 digit subtraction- Just this week we began subtracting 2 digit numbers. So far, we’ve practiced subtracting using the following methods: Quick Draw, Open Number Line AND “Expanded Method”. Please CLICK to see examples of the methods. 

            Pumpkin Symmetry- Please click on the LINK to see our fun art project.

    Take Care,  

    Mrs. H. 

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  • 30 Days complete!

    Posted by Sherrie Harris on 10/13/2022

    Dear Families,

    What an amazing October start we’ve had. The weather is upbeat and the learning that’s taking place is awesome!

    Classroom Tidbits

    Library Book Bags: Book bags are used to transport books safely to and from our library. We have found that book bags help keep library books safe, together and are a great visual reminder to help students remember to return their library books by Friday. Our checkout is always Friday morning. 

    *   Student Picture Day: Wednesday, October 19th- All students will be photographed and will bring home a note with information about how to access your child’s pictures online. If you like the picture, you can order right from the website. 

    *   No School October 20 and 21st - Montana Education Association Conference 

    *   Halloween- By popular demand, Halloween costumes will once again be allowed on October 31st.  Our class will begin getting dressed into costumes at 2:00.  Shortly after, we’ll share our costumes with fellow 2nd graders, create ghoulish parfaits, and enjoy a few Halloween activities. Please remember that masks are not allowed and super scary costumes should be left at home for Halloween night. Please send your student to school with their costume in a bag. I’ll keep them safe until it’s time to get dressed.  Our class is VERY excited!                         P.S. If you’d be willing to send in an item to help us create ghoulish parfaits, please send me an email & I’ll send a request to provide a specific item.  Thank you for your help. 

    Language Arts

    *We’ve been working on identifying the 3 sounds of “ed”.  Please ask your kiddos to read the following verbs and tell you what sound “ed” makes.

    Planted       brushed       filled       jumped         

    * We’re continuing to work on consonant clusters such as:                       

      st    fl    br   pr   bl   br   cr   gl   sn   sm   gr   pl   tr   fr   cl   sp

    * We followed the “Writing Process” and completed our Snowshoe Hare stories. Each student participated in each of the steps to help create a well thought out mini story. (please click on the Link to see the steps) All students presented their stories either to the whole class or in mini groups.  I must say, I was super pleased with our first attempt at mini books.  Way to go!

    Math: 2 step story problems- Our class did a great job identifying and solving the 2 steps needed in order to solve lengthy story problems. It was fun to share strategies and ideas on how to set up each of the problems. 

            2 digit addition- So far, I’m super happy with the class knowledge of how to set up and solve 2 digit addition problems.  We’ve practiced “quick draws” and the expanded method so far….. (please click on the Link to see examples ) Plus, many students have shared their “own way” to solve.  Very, very cool!  We’ll begin spilling over into the 100”s very soon. 

    As you can see, we’ve been very busy. I hope this update provides a glimpse of our time in the classroom so far this October. 

    Take Care,  Mrs. H. 

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  • 5th Week of School- Wow!

    Posted by Sherrie Harris on 9/28/2022
    Dear Families,
    Holy moly, can you believe we're cruising into our 5th week of school? Our classroom environment has evolved nicely due to focused expectations and clear routines! Hooray for "Team Harris".  🌟
    Thank you for encouraging "at home reading".  I appreciate all the reading logs that have been returned to me.  Today, I'll be sending home the 2nd reading log. The back side includes the math homework portion for the week. I'm asking that 2 online lessons be completed each week. To help log in, I wrote your child's username & password next to the instructions. Please let me know if your child is unable to log in. Finally, it would be great if the homework logs could be returned either Friday or next Monday. 
    Our field trip to the Missoula Children's Theater was super fun. I hope your student shared details about the set, story line, and questions that were asked after the play was complete.  Speaking of field trips, we are lucky to be scheduled for another one this week.  We'll visit the PEAS Farm on Friday. We will walk from the school @ 8:20 and will return around 9:45.  Please have your kiddo dress for the weather on Friday, and wear good walking shoes! The farm field trip is a fantastic treat that paves the way for “Farmer in the Classroom” lessons that will begin in November. Farmer Lori will visit each 2nd grade class 6 times. Each visit, Farmer Lori will focus on a topic that is unique to Montana’s growing season. So great!
    Please look for another 2-H newsletter this Thursday. Wishing you a happy start to the week..... 🍂🍁
    Sherrie H.
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