April is here....

Posted by Sherrie Harris on 4/6/2023

Dear Families, 

April has arrived and our class is definitely looking forward to warmer weather. We can’t wait to see new growth and all the colors that accompany it.

Language Arts

We’re having fun playing around with words that fall into the “Onomatopoeia” category.  Onomatopoeia Video  Please look for examples of onomatopoeia in today’s mail.

Phonics focus: We’re practicing the use of prefixes and suffixes. Your students have been on the lookout for words that contain prefixes and suffixes in their daily reading. I think they’re surprised at how many words contain them.. We’ve practiced using and reading words with the following prefixes and suffixes.

          Prefix                    Suffix













Math:  This week, we’ve been organizing data into tables, picture graphs, bar graphs, and line plots. We’ve shared our work with one another and have realized that data can be represented in various ways. Ask your student which way they prefer to document and analyze data.

Science:  We have started our study of seed distribution. Please ask your student to retell the story of the “Koa Seed”. Soon, we’ll dissect seeds and begin seed growth experiments. 

Farmer Lori:  We had our last lesson with Farmer Lori. Her lesson wrapped up with a fun game of Jeopardy that highlighted many details from her past lessons. Her lessons included: Storage Vegetables, Honey Bees, Apples, Wheat, and Cows.

I hope April has started out well for your family….      Sherrie H.