October 16

Posted by Sarah Silver on 10/16/2022

Dear 5S Community -

Greetings from Room 402! Fall Break is right around the corner, and we have several upcoming events scheduled in the coming weeks.

Instruments: Daily lessons for Band begin this Monday the 17th; however, Orchestra will continue on a modified schedule until further notice: Mondays & Tuesdays: Violin, Viola; Wednesdays and Fridays: Cello, Bass. For specific questions about instruments, please contact Mr. “Z” (Zschaechner) for Band at rjzschaechner@mcpsmt.org or Ms. “K” (Kalasz) for Orchestra at akalasz@mcpsmt.org.

Halloween: We will be having a Halloween celebration on Monday, October 31st. Students can bring their costumes and change into them prior to our afternoon celebration.  If you would like to contribute a snack for the celebration, please visit the sign-up genius link attached below:


Important Dates

10/10: GUTS after-school group

10/12: B.O.B. lunch meeting

10/18: ZWAP in-class lesson

10/19: School Pictures

10/20-10/21: No School

10/27: ZWAP field trip to Home Resource*

10/27: Conference sign-up link will be sent out

10/31: Halloween Celebration

11/2: MAM and Library Field Trip

11/7-11/10: Fall Conferences

*Students should be bringing home information for our upcoming ZWAP Home Resource field trip on October 27th. Please be sure to read and sign both sides of the document and send back to school in advance. In addition, you will see the optional ‘Opt Out’ form that will be provided for every field trip.

Extras: Please email me if you are interested in volunteering for either the ZWAP Home Resource of the MAM/Library field trips. Two additional adult volunteers would be greatly appreciated!

Curriculum Highlights

ELA: Students have been applying their understanding of story structure and author’s techniques in order to write a short narrative about a character that cares for his/her environment. These well-crafted stories include a descriptive setting; sensory details; and characterization through inner and outer dialogue. After planning out and hand writing their drafts, students are publishing their work via Google Docs. This coming week, they will work on editing and revising their stories before turning in the final copy.

In addition, students will be starting to work in targeted literacy groups based on their independent levels. Students will have a designated meeting time and are expected to have their assigned task completed in order to participate in their group. **Please make sure that your student is reading every day for 30 minutes. Students should be finishing about one chapter book at their level per week.**

Math: Students finished the lessons on multi-digit multiplication. The preferred method when multiplying by a one-digit number is the standard algorithm; however, we are still working toward this expectation when multiplying by a two-digit or larger factor. We also spent this past week reviewing/extending division concepts using the partial quotient method - which is the 5th grade learning target. (see Family Newsletter) Again, students’ automaticity with their multiplication facts will help improve accuracy with this this procedure.

Science: Students modeled the movement of matter within an ecosystems, specially the Yellowstone National Park ecosystem. We also explored the impact of changing biotic factors within an ecosystems, such as the over-population of one species, and how that affects the equilibrium.

SEL: This month's focus for 5th grade is on Responsibility, with a specific emphasis on goal-setting. Another focus of Responsibility is how we interact with others and understand that our choices impact those around us. Please see the family letter attached.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out as necessary.

In partnership,

Sarah Silver