• Book Bag with Book Inside

    Rattlesnake Library Book Bags

    What is a Book Bag?

    Every student at Rattlesnake has their own book bag to transport their books safely to and from our library. We have found that book bags help keep library books safe, together and are a great visual reminder to help students remember to return their library books on their library day.

    How it works

    Each book bag has your student's name and barcode on it and each grade level has its own color.  Students should remember to return their book bags with their library books on their library day so they can check out a new book.

    Book Bag Care

    Book bags are intended to last through the school year so be sure to take good care of your book bag, just like your library books! However, I understand life happens. Lost book bags can be replaced easily, just send me a note and I will make a new one! Thank you for helping!


    Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any questions! 

    Robin Nygren, Library Media Specialist

    rcnygren@mcpsmt.org 406-728-2400 X 4519