• 5th grade


    Happy Monday,

    I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  We are entering week 7 -- and I can't believe how quickly our year is flying by!  Here is what is on the agenda for the week.
    We will be starting a book study this week looking at the text titled: Washed Up.  We will be looking at relationships between characters, concepts, and events presented in the text.  Through this text we will be focusing on vocabulary and using context clues to determine word meaning as well as comprehension questions where students will have to find text evidence to support their answers.
    We will be starting our informative writing unit.  This week students will be focusing on learning attributes of information writing as well as working on strategies to develop a topic and setting goals for their writing.
    We will be starting our unit on dividing multi-digit numbers.  Students will solidify their understanding of division-specific vocabulary as well as learning to solve the problem through the use of the partial quotient method.  There will be a sheet sent home explaining this method and if you have any questions, please reach out.
    Social Studies:
    Students will be researching Native American tribes.  They will get to choose which tribe they would like to study and they will be researching the geographic location, culture, and their relationships with European Settlers.  Students will present their research on Friday.
    Students will be finalizing their grizzly bear conservation comics today and tomorrow.  I will also have a guest speaker coming in to talk about grizzly bear conservation and what that looks like out in the field.
    We have music this week
    -10/13: Turn in October Book Order Forms
    -10/20: **Please send students in with either a cereal or cracker box -- They will be creating art journals and this will act as their cover**
    - 10/21 & 10/22: No School
    -10/29: Pajama Day
    Thank you for all that you do!  I appreciate you!
    -Harmony Johnson