• Welcome to Mrs. Dombrowski’s 3rd Grade Class!! 

    I am so excited for this great year ahead in 3D!!  We’re going to have a fantastic time together. 

     Boomerang Folder 

    • I will check your child’s Boomerang folder (aka “Boom” folder) each morning for homework, notes, lunch money etc. from you.
    • Please empty the folder and send it back to school daily. Thank you!! 


    • Feel free to send me a note in your child’s Boomerang folder.  I’ll call or write back as soon as I can.
    • Email: mmdombrowski@mcpsmt.orgI try to check email three times a day. 
    • Phone: 728-2400   X4716
    • Check the Rattlesnake website and go to my staff page for updates.

     Classroom Expectations

    • Please refer to your classroom handbook (on school web site) for school procedures.
    • Our classroom community agreements and expectations are the same as school-wide expectations: Re Respectful; Be Responsible; Be Safe; Be kind.
    • Positive Reinforcement :compliments, privileges, and pats on the back are given throughout the day.
    • We have a Clip-Up chart in our classroom. This is an efficient way for me to give feedback to my students all day long. 
    • Office Referral – Misbehavior outside of the classroom is dealt with by the principal and/or school counselor. You will be notified of all referrals by phone or email.
    • Every day, I teach, review, and reinforce “healthy habits.” These habits include everything from “sharpen the saw” to “first things first” and “take care of one another.” We learn and discuss these lifelong habits and I continually praise and take notice of these habits in action each day. 


    • Birthdays are celebrated with a song and an all-class kindness card. 
    •  Please do not send party invitations to be passed out at school unless the whole class is invited. This prevents feelings from being hurt. Thank you for understanding.

     In these next few weeks, we will be learning new routines, practicing new habits, and establishing a rich, vibrant classroom community. We will gradually pick up the pace academically once these things are developed. 

     Thank you for sharing your child with me. It will be a wonderful year of growth and discovery!