February 6

Posted by Sarah Silver on 2/6/2023

Dear 5S Community - 


A big thank you to those that contributed items for our fractions baking lesson. We ran into an issue with procuring an oven; however, we were able to bake the muffins in the classroom using an Air-Fryer oven. Needless to say, the lesson was a success, and the muffins were delicious! 


Please read on for classroom information and curriculum updates.


Classroom Information


My Absence

I wanted to let you know that I will be on personal for family obligations Tuesday, February 7-Friday, February 10. I will be checking email; however for time-sensitive messages, please contact the front office at 406-542-4050.  


Valentine’s Day

We will have a Valentine’s Day celebration on February 14. Participation is optional in that students are welcome to bring cards and a decorated box/container. If your child chooses to participate, we ask that they bring cards for each classmate. Also, we have some extra hot chocolate and cider from our last celebration, but we are in need of cups and spoons for serving. Please let me know if you can contribute either item. 


Field Trip to the Planetarium

We will be taking a field trip to the University of Montana Planetarium on Wednesday, February 15 from 11:00 am - 1:30 pm. Students were given an opt-out form to bring home last week. If you did not receive the form and would like your child not to attend, please let me know and we can make arrangements for them to stay with another class. Also, if you would like to be a chaperone, please email to let me know. I will have two slots available. 


Travel and Extended Absences

If your child will be missing school for an extended period, please prepare in advance by completing Family Educational Tour or Trip form here. Please read here for more information and the rationale. Thank you in advance. 


Upcoming Events:

February 7 - SPARK arts acting through history

February 13 - No School - Professional Development 

February 14 - SPARK arts acting through history & Valentine's Day 

February 15 - Field trip to the planetarium

February 17 - SPARK arts acting through history

February 20 - No School, President’s Day


Curriculum Update


ELA: After a short break from Birchbark House to prepare for our Spark lessons, students will continue reading and writing about the novel. A main focus of this work will be identifying and describing how the main character Omakayas is changing throughout the story, specifically in response to challenges. Also, we will focus on the interactions and relationships between the Ojibwe and the European settlers, both historically and within the novel.  


Students are finishing up their information writing project. The typed report will be in Google Classroom. Once I return from my absence next week, students will do a final read through and edit their writing, self-assess using an informational report rubric, and turn in the final paper for grading. 


**Please make sure that your student is reading every day for 30 minutes.  Students should be finishing about one chapter book per week.**


Math: Students have taken the Unit 2 assessment on fractions and decimals. Next, we will begin Unit 4 - Measurement, Geometry and Data Collections. For specific information on each Lesson, please find the Family Letters on the 5S website here. As you will see, Unit 4 has five lessons with 3-4 sessions in each lesson. 


Social Studies & Spark Arts: Students have been building background knowledge on the French and Indian War, including the causes, the timeline of main events and prominent figures. As we move through the Spark sessions, students will be writing and performing an event from this historical time period. 


SEL: This month's focus is on Honesty as defined by being truthful in what we say and do.


As always, please do not hesitate to reach out as necessary. 


In partnership,

Sarah Silver