Grade 2 Trickle In and Breakfast ELA (60 mins) REC (15 min) WASH ELA (60 mins) WASH Lunch (30 min) Math (45 min) WIN (45 min) Math (45 min)

    8:15 Breakfast:  Please do not drop your child off before 8:15.  If they are not going to eat breakfast, please drop them off at 8:25.

     Lunch: Lunch will be in our room.  Please send simple lunches that they can manage on their own.  There is not a fridge or microwave to use, and they will responsible for cleaning up their own eating space.  

    2:10 Dismissal:  PLEASE be on time to pick up your kiddo if they are pick up.  The kids will come out our hallway door, so look for them there.  If your child is walking or riding his/her bike home, please talk with them about heading straight home once they are dismissed.