Hybrid Plus Model        Classroom Job Clip Art - Classroom Job Images - Vector Clip Art

    • Mondays - Remote Learning
    • In-Person Instruction T-F
    • 8:10 Breakfast
    • 8:30 - 2:10 Academic Day

     AM & PM- Drop-Off

    • Use Pineview Drive Loop (front of the school).

                   *Mountain View Drive (behind the school) is reserved for busses.

    • Drop and pick-up your sweetie on the sidewalk (do not let them walk or run between cars).

      Hybrid Model

    • 8:10 Breakfast
    • 8:40 Attendance and Academics
    • 9:45 Recess
    • 11:15 Lunch
    • 2:10 Dismissal


    • Please send a pair of slippers or slip-on shoes for your child to keep at school.  We sit and do many activities on the floor.  Indoor slip-ons help keep our work areas clean and carpets maintained.  Thank you ๐Ÿ’›
    • Wear clothing appropriate for messy projects.
    • Label all removable layers with your child’s name so if anything gets lost we can track it back to your child.

    Take-Home Folder

    • Your child will be issued a “2J Boomerang Folder” (a take-home folder courtesy of our awesome PTA). 
    • Please empty the folder, celebrate the work, attend to notes, plan for completion of work and return the folder each school day.  Some notes are on half or quarter size sheets, so “dig” down.  
    • I will check your child’s folder each morning for notes, lunch money, etc.


    Classroom Discipline

       *Please refer to your Rattlesnake School handbook for school procedures.

    • Our classroom expectations are the same as the schoolwide expectations – Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, and Be Kind.
    • Management:
      • Positive Reinforcement– compliments, privileges, and pats on the back will be given as much as possible.  This is usually enough to keep kids on track.
      • Warning- time away from group or privilege loss may occur following misbehavior.
      • Fix-it-Ticket- reflection time with the teacher will follow more serious misbehavior.  A written copy will be sent home in the boomerang folder to be signed and returned.
      • Conference- I will arrange a phone conference or meeting with you if your child is having a very difficult time being respectful, responsible, safe or kind.
      • Office Referral- misbehavior outside of the classroom, or severe classroom misbehavior is documented and dealt with by the princip

    Meal Account 

    • Lunchroom contact: 728-2400 x4524.
    • Your child is automatically provided a meal account, but does not need to use it.
    • Activate your child’s account by adding funds and purchasing hot lunch.
    • You can send funds for lunch in your child’s Boomerang Folder. 
    • Write checks to “MCPS”.
    • Check your child's account balance through Q - our student information system.
    • You will receive a robocall when your child’s account has a negative balance.
    • Meal menus are online.  Link from MCPS homepage or our class website - https://www.mcpsmt.org/Domain/2298


    • 8:15 - Served in the classroom.
    • Breakfast is free for all students this 2020-2021 school year.


    • 11:15 - In the classroom or outdoors for at least the first month of school.
    • Hot lunch with milk costs $2.75. 
    • Your child should bring utensils and a napkin with their cold lunch.
    • Milk can be purchased for 50¢.
    • Unfortunately, there is no microwave or refrigerator available for use.


    • If your child’s birthday is not on a school day, I will assign a school day close to the birthday for celebrating.  
    • Summer birthdays will be celebrated in June.
    • We do not celebrate with treats or gifts, but will honor your child with a song and a special birthday book.  We will make sure they feel special! ๐Ÿ’™
    • Sorry, we are not able to pass out party invitations at school unless you are inviting the whole class.


    During the first few weeks of school, we will be doing the important work of establishing positive relationships to ensure that we become a happy, healthy 2J family.  We will also be practicing numerous school and classroom rules and routines.  Once we feel confident in our role as a school and 2J community member, learning will become easy and fun.  

    Thank you for sharing your sensational 2nd grader with me, especially during this unprecedented time.  I promise to take good care of them for you!  


    Kila Jarvis