• Valentine's Day

    Posted by Kila Jarvis on 2/3/2021
    Hi, 2nd Grade Families-
    The staff here at Rattlesnake felt it safest to skip the tradition of passing out Valentine's Day cards at school this year.  At a time when we need to express love for one another more than ever, it was very difficult to suspend the card exchange.  
    My plan is to have 2J make a Valentine for you, and hopefully, you can have one ready to exchange with them.   We will also do some fun activities to safely celebrate the holiday on Friday the 12th.  
    Hoping that things return to normal soon!
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  • In-Person Learning

    Posted by Kila Jarvis on 1/22/2021
    I am so excited to have your children with me Tuesday through Friday starting next week. Yay!  
    The classroom is safely set-up using guidelines from the CDC's 17 Mitigation Strategies and Harvard's Six Elements of Infection Control.
    The Awesome Angelfish and Blue Bears will have so much fun being together.  With that being said, will you please help me remind them that though their schooling is moving closer to normal, we still need to take careful precautions?
    Things that you can do to support Hybrid Plus:
    1. Frontload your child each morning next week, and occasionally afterward, to keep a safe distance from their peers and to move slowly and carefully around the classroom. 
    2. Fit them with a mask that doesn't slip.  I have a bag full of kid-size masks donated by people that are excited to share.  Drop a note in your child's folder if I can send a couple home, or have your child ask me for one.
    3. Encourage your kiddo to be the great leader that you know they are.  Leadership at school helps their teacher, friends,  community, and you.  Plus, it feels good!
    4. Set up a new homework routine.  Your child will have a reading log and two online math lessons to complete each week.  There will be no more packet or Seesaw.  (Did I just hear cheering?)  :)
    Thank you for all of your wonderful support.  
    I love teaming with you!
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  • Spirit Week

    Posted by Kila Jarvis on 12/9/2020
    Hello, Super Second Grade Families!
    Next week, students are invited to add a bit of fun and cheer to our days by wearing spirited outfits.  Please see the schedule below if your child would like to participate.
    The 2J Awesome Angelfish and Blue Bears have been superstars on our face-to-face days.  I sure wish I had them in class every school day.
    As always, thanks a million for your support from home!
    Kila Jarvis
    Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 5.03.27 PM.png
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  • Seesaw

    Posted by Kila Jarvis on 10/9/2020

    Hello 2J Families,

    I hope that our Seesaw Classroom Platform is working well on your end. The activity responses that I have received from your children are adorable and fun to review. Don't hesitate to reach out if you are struggling with the app. Our librarian, Robin Nygren, or I will work to support you as best we can.

    Mrs. Nygren: rcnygren@mcpsmt.org

    Mrs. Jarvis: Message me through the Seesaw app or email me at kjarvis@mcpsmt.org

    Thank you for all that you are doing to support your child's schooling. It's a lot right now. I appreciate you!

    Thanks, Kila Jarvis

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  • 2J Open House

    Posted by Kila Jarvis on 9/17/2020
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  • myON Bookshelf

    Posted by Kila Jarvis on 5/20/2020
    We have a subscription to myON books (online books for children) through June 30.  It has thousands of high-interest books that are selected for your child's reading level. I showed the kids how to log into the program during our Zoom meeting today.  I would love to see 2J take advantage of this resource.  
    myON Click Path:

    1. Go to the Rattlesnake Homepage

    2. Click on Web Connect (at the bottom of the screen)

    3. Click on Star 360 (under student heading)

    4. Log in with your school username & password (email me if you need this info)

    5. Click on the myON link

    6. Personalize your library


    Your kids have done the first 4 steps in class and saw the rest today, so they should be pretty independent with the login.

    MyOn will be a suggested resource on the MCPS Summer Enhancement page.

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  • Educational Apps, Websites, and Podcasts

    Posted by Kila Jarvis on 4/16/2020
    Clever is a secure portal provided by MCPS.  The portal allows children to sign-in just once with their google email and password to access several apps and websites.  The 2J Clever links are educational and good for kids that want more stimulation, but haven't overdosed on screen time.  Many of the apps allow kids to work at their own pace and individual level, which is nice. 
    Logging on to Clever:
    1. Go to MCPS or Rattlesnake Homepage
    2. Click on the Web Connect tab
    3. Click on CLEVER under student heading
    4. Sign in with your child's google email and password
    5. Click on the cute little chick to open 2J Apps
    SPLASH LEARN is a good app, but kids do need a class code and their google password.
    class code: JTLNBI
    password: is your child's google password
    One more tip:
    If your child is watching a video lesson on youtube, make sure that you have "autoplay" off.  This will prevent youtube from starting new videos once your child's lesson is over.   
    You can locate the autoplay button on the top right corner of the youtube window.  
    Please reply to this message if you need your child's login info.
    Finally, it won't hurt my feelings if you want me to remove a parent email from this mailing list.  Let me know.  This list was created before remote learning was our norm. :)
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  • Remote Learning

    Posted by Kila Jarvis on 3/27/2020
    I hope this note finds you safe and sound.  Mrs. Dombrowski, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Sayler and I worked on a "soft start" for your remote learning next week.  Link here to Rattlesnake's Remote Learning page, then select the 2nd grade plan, which will be available by Monday morning.  The key for you and your family is to establish a doable routine.  One that includes stimulating activities that positively impact your health and happiness. 
    If you promise to balance screen time with all the other positive activities that your family encourages, you can Link Here to our 2J Clever Page, which gives you access to some apps, websites, and podcasts that your child might enjoy.  You will need your google account information to log in.  Reply to this message requesting that info if you do not yet have it.
    I hope that you have received the many virtual hugs that I have sent out to you.  I love and miss you very much.
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  • Valentine's Day

    Posted by Kila Jarvis on 1/31/2020

    We will have a Valentines celebration on Friday, February 14th from 1:00-1:45. We will celebrate with a valentine card exchange (class list is in their Boom Folder). Please have your child bring his/her valentines to school by Thursday, February 13th. Let me know if you need Valentine's Day cards - I have extra sets and would be happy to share.

    If your child would like to create a bag or box for their valentines, feel free to do so.  We will be decorating individual bags in class that week, if they want to do one at school.  

    Optional: Wear red and a hat to school on the 14th.

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  • KPAX News Feature

    Posted by Kila Jarvis on 12/13/2019

    2J dancers with dance teacher, Lulu Delphine, on KPAX News:


    We will only have reading homework next week.  It can be returned on Friday, December 20, or after the break.  I hope this helps with the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  Enjoy your family, friends, and festivities!

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