2J Supply List

  • Sorry that this list differs from the school provided list.  If you used the other list, don't worry, we'll make it work. 

    Hopefully, you can reuse some of your 1st grade supplies!

    The list is longer this year, because we need personal supplies and will not be sharing items.  I will have new and clean supplies for anyone that is unable to locate or afford items on this list. 

    We will be traveling outdoors for many lessons so smaller boxes of crayons, markers, etc. will work better for transport.


    Bring Daily:

    • Clean mask
    • Leak-proof (spout or straw) water bottle labeled with name

    Bring the first Day:

    • Wooden pencils (2-4)
    • Crayons (12-36)
    • Colored pencils (12-24)
    • Markers
    • 1 large soft rubber eraser
    • Scissors (Fiskar brand, if possible)
    • 2 sturdy two-pocket folders
    • 2 wide-ruled spiral notebooks (70-100 page)
    • Small bottle of white glue
    • 1-2 glue sticks
    • Supply box (medium-sized)
    • Headphones (labeled with name)
    • Small mechanical pencil sharpener
    • 1-2 black whiteboard markers
    • Ruler (with inch and cm)
    • Towel, small blanket, or yoga mat to keep at school for outdoor lesson time


    Classroom Donations:

    • Box of tissue
    • Disinfecting Wipes

    Personal Use:

    • Small throw pillow (MAX size 10x10) for relaxing on during independent reading and writing time (kept on desk chair when not in use)