Degrees and Certifications:

  • Homework

    Homework will vary throughout the year.  It will mostly consist of 1 math page a week.  It is important for you to understand that the way we teach math now can be quite different from how we learned.  I like to use homework as a way for students to teach parents.  If you and/or your child are having difficulty please consult with me rather than teaching them "how you learned" as we focus on the different strategies and vocabulary introduced in first grade.  This will help to reduce frustration on you and your child's part.  I will also include varying activities from time to time.  My hope is that these types of activities will create conversations about a theme in class or a book that you have read at home so that there is more of a home/school connection.  I will send home homework on Mondays and would like it back by Friday.  If you are busy, like my family, please take the weekend to finish rather than cause undue stress to you/and or your child.  Nightly reading would be ideal.  At this time, it is still important that your child read AND be read to.  Some of your children are still developing early literacy skills and your home might not be equipped with materials at their reading level.  I will be assessing and looking at their levels and will determine later if I will send home additional reading materials.  Please note that there is a place on our report card for an effort grade in homework.  This will be based on completion.


    Super Star

    Each child will get an opportunity to be the Super Star of the week.  Students will be chosen at random. When it is their turn they will get a chance to share pictures and have a special sharing day, in addition to other activities that help our class get to know them better.  It can be difficult for your child to wait for their special turn, but be assured that it will come!


    Flexible Seating

    Our classroom is moving towards the flexible seating model.  Students will have different options in our classroom where they will choose a spot that fits best for them to learn.  We will not have traditional desks and instead will work at different tables, spots on the carpet with clipboards and/or pillows, and wobble stools to name a few of the choices.  This gives students ownership over their learning and accomodates different learning styles and needs.  Our supplies are combined and shared communally.



    Please e-mail me with any questions/concerns at  You can also call the office and leave a message at my classroom extension.  Please notify me of any important information such as changes to your child's after school plans before noon as I sometimes don't get a chance to check my messages after lunch.  Please send a note with your child for me and the bus driver if their plan includes riding the bus home with a friend on a different bus.



    We have a no treats policy at our school, so please do not send your child with a treat on their birthday.  I am starting a tradition of reading their favorite book (or a book based on a first grade theme) to the class.  Please donate a copy of their book to our class if you would like to and/or are able to.  You can sign it with thier birthdate and dedication to our class.  It would be a great way to build our class library and to commemorate their special day.  If this does not work for you, we will find another special acitivity to do as class.  Also, please do NOT send invites unless you will be inviting the entire class.  This is our school's policy and wil help to ensure feelings won't get hurt.


    Behavior Expectations

    This year we are implementing a new behavior program called PAX.  PAX stands for peace, productivity, health, and happiness.  Our class will build a vision of what we think an ideal classroom and school would look like.  Throughout the year we will add to and refer to our vision.  You can find out more about this program by visiting their website at



    Please let me know if you would like to volunteer in our class.  I will try to work out a day and time that will work for both of us.  You will also need to complete the necessary forms from the office and get a background check ($6 fee).


    Wish List 

    Here is a link for items needed for flexible seating and PAX rewards, incentives, games, and activities.


    Book Wish List

    Themes: animals (specifically non-fiction children's books about bears, cats, pigs, zebras, elephants, owls, bats, bees, and dog), holidays (fiction and non-fiction), mapping, Native Americans, space, night and day, sound, light, inventions and inventors, dinosaurs, camping, art, yoga, mindfulness, and any character building books about feelings, problem solving, etc.

    Specific Titles Needed:

    Frog and Toad

    The Dot

    An Egg is an Egg

    Pete the Cat (any but specifically "Rocking in my School Shoes")

    Listen Buddy

    Bear Snores On

    Sam, Come Back

    Three Little Pigs

    Giraffes Can't Dance

    Where the Wild Things Are

    A Big Fish for Max

    The Farmer in the Hat

    Life in the Forest

    Flat Stanley

    Goodnight Missoula

    I'm a Caterpillar

    Ben Franklin and His Kite

    Alexander Graham Bell

    Henry and Mudge

    Mister Bones:  Dinosaur Hunter

    What if you Had Animal Teeth?