Class Schedule

  • Class Schedule:

    8:10 Breakfast

    8:30    Morning Message/Meeting

    8:45    English Language Arts/Daily 5 Rotations

    10:00  Recess

    10:15  Math

    11:15  Lunch

    12:00  Writing

    12:30  Intervention Time  

    1:00    Science/Social Studies

    1:30    Specials (see schedule below)

    2:00    Recess

    2:15    Enrichment Time, Finish Work, Super Star

    3:15   Dismissal  ***2:30 Dismissal on Thursdays


    Specials Schedule:


    Week 1:  Music

    Week 2:  Library- there will be weekly opportunities to check out books on weeks that we don't have library (1-2 days of counselor                                lessons on these weeks)

    Week 3:  Art

    Week 4:  PE (make sure your child has a pair of gym shoes that they can put on independently)

    Then the rotation starts over.