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  • How you can help our community

    Hawthorne families have been evacuated and are in need at this time.

    The FRC is able to provide educational services for families in need. This includes finding transportation to and from school, distributing care packages, and connecting families with social services established in our city. At school, families are also encouraged to see Ms Lily for assistance if they have lost or damaged items. The FRC will help provide shoes, coats, and care necessities to families that have been displaced, as well.

    If you, or a child you know, are no longer able to sleep under your own roof, please notify Ms Lily so that she can reach out and offer assistance. Thank you!

    As a community, helping each other can be achieved in several ways:

    • Sandbagging: Please go Fort Missoula to help bag sand and find out who needs help creating barriers for their homes. There is also a sandbagging site set up at C.S. Porter. While homeowners are in dire need, we have families that rent which need your help too! Please be mindful that they too will have nowhere to go if they lose their homes/possessions.
    • Transportation: Families that are displaced due to evacuation should contact Lily in the FRC for bus rerouting. All students have the right to transportation to and from school and we are working with Beach Transportation to provide busing to and from where ever your student is sleeping, so that they may stay in school. It is also possible for us to help create car-pools and provide some gas money compensation during this time. If you would like to assist by donating a gas card, Holiday Stations have GAS ONLY cards you can put $5, $10, or as much as you would like to give, on to. Please drop them off at the FRC for distribution.
    • Food: Due to upcoming construction Hawthorne is not able to accommodate any events or casserole pans. If you would like to provide a meal for one of our displaced families (and their hosts), please bring food vouchers/gift cards to the FRC. These must follow district guidelines and not be to locations where alcohol and/or tobacco can be purchased. Some ideas of places you can purchase at are: Dairy Queen Grill&Chill, Costco Food Court, Wheat Montana, Papa Johns, and other fast food joints.
    • Sanitation: The Source is donating one-month memberships for families who can not shower at home due to contaminated well water. Please connect with Ms Lily for a card.
    • If you are a Facebook member, you can join the page, Missoula Flood Help, where there are many posts that you can read on how to help.


    Thank you for thinking of our neighbors! It is comforting to have everyone come together to help our community in this time of need.




    Lily Morgan-Curet

    Family Resource Coordinator

    Hawthorne Elementary

    406.728.2400 ext. 4271


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    The Family Resource Center, or FRC, supports the Hawthorne community by invovment in the development and implementation of Title1 services, the coordination of fun opportunities for parents to become involved in the Hawk community, and the provision of  a safe place for students and their guardians to seek assistance when they are experienceing economic hardship or loss of housing.


    At Hawthorne, the FRC is coordinated by Lily Morgan-Curet (Miss Lily), who is also our FIT Coordinator. She can be found in the FRC/Flagship Office, rm 200. If she is not there during the posted hours, contact Miss Lilah at the front office to see when she will be back, or ask for Mr. Sam, our Flagship Director, to get a hold of her. Because of the high level of title involvment, there are many students who Miss Lily spends time with outside of her office during the day.


    Contact Information

    FRC/FIT Coordinator: Lily Morgan-Curet


    Phone: 406-728-2400 x4271



    Monday 8-3:30

    Tuesday 12-4

    Wednesday 8-3:30

    Thursday 8-3:30

    Friday 8:30-3:30


    We understand that these hours can be hard for families to access the FRC. If you are unable to make it during these times, please contact Miss Lily to schedule another time to come in.



  • GUTS

    GUTS summer camp is still taking applications. If you need one, please see the FRC!

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  • ...and the Winner is...

    Congratulations to Victor G. in 3-O! You won 2 passes to Splash Montana. 

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  • Follow Mrs. Sorenson on Youtube!

    To watch school announcements and catch up on the daily buzz at Hawthorne, simply follow Mrs. Sorenson's Youtube Page. Here you will find the Hawk-tastic videos made by our 4th  and 5th grade student reporters.


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