• 5th Grade Supply List 2022-2023

    • Pencils: A box of newly sharpened #2 wood pencils with erasers - You will need to replenish your pencils frequently.
    • Markers, crayons, or colored pencils. (Your choice)
    • Optional: Expo Markers / eraser 
    • One good book to read: Please bring a book to class that you find interesting and that is grade-appropriate.
    • Three Notebooks: One will be for Math, one for ELA, and one for Science / Social Studies.
    • One glue stick.
    • One ruler.
    • One pencil case: Please no hard boxes! SOFT vinyl or fabric zippered pencil cases work best.
    • One pair of scissors.
    • One book bag/backpack.
    • Earbuds (small enough to fit in a small Ziploc).
    • Two-Pocket Folders: One of our primary goals this year is to work on individual organization skills! You will need one folder for each of the following subjects. Each folder should be a different color. Color Suggestions: 
    1. One Blue Pocket Folder- Math
    2. One Red Pocket Folder- ELA
    3. One Green Pocket Folder- Science
    4. One Yellow Pocket Folder- Social Studies
    5. One Purple Pocket Folder- Take Home