Info & Schedule

  • In the current hybrid learning model, school starts daily at 8:30 am and ends at 2:10 pm. For information on my classroom and other special classes, please see below. 

    Russell Elementary School Handbook

    Homework is reading a book of choice for 30 minutes each night, and finishing any work not completed in class. Students are given time in class to work on their assignments each day. Any work that is unfinished in class will be brought home and needs to be completed as homework. In 5th grade, we work on time management, study skills and the ability to work independently. One of our most important goals in 5th grade is to make sure our students have the work habits to ensure success in middle school. 

    During hybrid learning, I will send home an envelope with work for remote learning days. In the future as per district mandate assignments will be posted to Google Classroom with information also posted on my blog detailing all assignments. 

    To help develop organizational skills, each student will fill out a daily agenda. Please check and sign the agenda each night. Students will not be penalized if the agenda is not signed, but they will be required to fill it out nightly. 

    Blackboard Parent Notifications
    I will send out notifications periodically, as needed, via Blackboard which is our MCPS District messaging system. Please contact our Secretary, Becky, at (406) 542-4080 if you are not receiving text or email notifications and want to receive them. 

    Specials Schedule
    During the hybrid learning model our special classes (Art, Counseling, Music, PE and Library) will be in our classroom from 11:15-11:45.

    Band & Orchestra Schedule
    During hybrid learning students will not participate in Band & Orchestra. Stay tuned for more information (music pun intended)!
    Be sure to check out these great Band & Orchestra links and resources!