Picture of Rob Henthorn
    My Schedule is Monday-Friday 7:45-4:00. Each student schedule is individualized and will vary throughout the day. My direct phone line to my room is 728-2400 ext 4812. Please feel free to contact me at anytime throughout the school day. Please leave a message and I will call back ASAP.
    Mr. H
    Extended Resource K-2
    Daily Schedule:
    8:25 Breakfast, Morning Check-In
    8:45 Handwriting with Kinders
    9:15 Assistance in K-2 Classrooms
    9:45 Students in ER Classroom for Work completion
    10:15 Recess
    10:30 First Grade Reading Group
    11:00 Lunchroom
    12:00 Lunch
    1:15 Reading group for 2nd graders
    1:50 Recess
    2:10 Closing Activities
    3:00 Dismissal