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    The 40 Book Challenge
    I challenge my students to choose and read 40 books this year, in a mix of genres. This is a personal challenge for each student to help them discover and develop their own reading tastes and expand their reading lives. We focus on stretching as individual readers and increasing competence, confidence and motivation. According to Stephen Krashen in his book The Power of Reading, “No single literacy activity has a more positive effect on students’ comprehension, vocabulary knowledge, spelling, writing ability, and overall academic achievement than free voluntary reading.”

    Need some reading ideas?
    Here is a list of great books for students that kids at the Center for Teaching and Learning have recommended!
    Here is a Goodreads list of books for fifth graders, and there are several other lists of books for fifth graders if you browse the site!
    And please don't hesitate to contact me about book recommendations. I love discussing books!

    "Of course, hours and hours spent reading and the freedom to choose their own books also leads many children to discover a love of books and reading—a path to enjoyment and learning that lasts long after schooling ends. This is an immeasurable gift." - Donalyn Miller

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