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    Monday, May 20: M is for memories-we will make some great memories at the PEAS farm today!
    B Day
    Tuesday,  May 21:N us for Noodle Necklaces-we will make some nice neckware today!
    C Day
    Wednesday,  May 22: O is for Outside-we will do some of our learning outside today!
    D Day
    Thursday,  May 23: P is for Picnic-we will enjoy a picnic lunch and picnic games with the Monkeys and the Owls today!
    Friday,  May 24:  Q is for Quiet-we will have quiet students as WE get to be the TEACHER today!  Science day is from 2:00-3:00.
    ***Today is the last day for our chicks in our classroom-they will all go to their forever homes tonight!
     House COURAGE popsicle party 3:00 in the garden!
    B Day