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    This is our last week to finish our Non-Fiction egg/chick books!  Here is a link to all of the lessons in case you have missed one:  egg/chick book lessons



    <-----Check out the learning resources on the left of this page

    CLEVER is the site with online learning games that we used in class and your childis familiar with.  This is where you can access individualized math games and independent books from the ARC bookshelf!

    Storytime has videos of Mrs. Schendel reading stories for you. There will be a new one every day.  All the stories will be kept here so you can watch them again if you want to!

    Off-Line Learning  has links to activities that you can do that are not worksheets, not websites, but activities your kids can do using materials you have in and around your house!

    Scavenger Hunts  has links to the scavenger hunts we have already posted (in case you missed one!)