• Alternative since 2001, Willard Alternative High School Program in Missoula, MT was established to reconnect students to a high school education and continue onto post-secondary education.  Targeted students are those who feel disconnected from school and have difficulties with school attendance and school work. 
    Willard's  enrollment limit is 150 students with a 12:1 student to teacher ratio.  Students remain enrolled in one of the three MCPS high schools (Big Sky, Hellgate, Sentinel).  Students who complete their coursework at Willard access their records through those high schools. 
    Willard uses the same curriculum and students are required to complete the same number of credits to graduate.  Classrooms focus less on note and test taking and more on student participation using discussions, research, presentations and written work.  
    The Willard calendar schedule is based on the quarter system consisting of a fall, late fall-winter, winter-early spring, and spring term. There are four class periods within a regular school day and each period lasts 70 minutes.