Anneke Hilvert

  • I have been teaching United States History and various social studies electives at Willard since 2007. I studied History and Political Science at the University of Montana.  I also earned a degree in Anthropology from Loyola University, Chicago.  I like to travel and be outdoors with my family and friends.  


    Blocks 1 & 4                                                                                    Blocks 2 & 3

          1st U.S. History                                                                                 1st U.S. History

    2nd  U.S. History                                                                               2nd U.S. History

    3rd Missoula Then and Now (w/ Carolyn)                                         3rd Social Studies Elective (w/ Carolyn)

    4th DIY and the history of stuff (w/ Jo)                                               4th Psychology

    I can be reached at 728-2400 x 2856

    Flathead Lake