Willard Alternative High School Program

  • Willard is a “school of choice” designed for students who want to earn a high school diploma and who want to participate in a rigorous and relevant educational experience preparing them for their adult roles and responsibilities in the 21st Century.

    What Willard offers all students:

    • Smaller student body (150 students)
    • Smaller student-to-teacher ratio
    • 4 period day (no study halls)
    • Shorter grading periods (9 weeks)
    • Shorter days (9:30a.m.-3:30p.m.)
    • Mentor teachers
    • More one-to-one help
    • Family atmosphere

    Willard School is made up of three programs:

    The Alternative High School Program is for students with alternative learning styles in need of smaller classes and more hands-on curriculum.  It is an all-day program consisting of 4- 70 minute periods with no study halls.

    The Freshman Transition is a program for 9th grade students whose behavior (attendance, work completion or other behaviors) is disrupting their success in school.  The student’s primary focus is gaining the skills they need to become successful in mainstream classes.

    Students attending Willard remain enrolled in their high school with all the rights and privileges of an attending student, i.e., yearbook photo, prom, graduation ceremony, activities, etc.  However, students cannot be in the schools while schools are in session.


     A student needs to submit a completed application  and referral packet from her/his counselor to the district screening team for review.  The district screening team will review applications submitted by the student who wishes to enroll in the Alternative High School Programs.  Membership of the team will consist of eight members:  one representative from each of the district high schools appointed by the building principal, a special education representative, and the Willard Principal, school counselor, and a teacher.

    Students will be accepted and enrolled on an order of application basis until the program reaches full capacity.  Anyone accepted but not enrolled will be put on a waiting list until space is available.  Students who are accepted by the screening team and have an IEP must convene their IEP team at their home school to consider the change of placement.


    • MCPS students entering the district from other facilities must enroll in their neighborhood high school and complete the application process.
    • Any student attending an area high school may apply for enrollment at Willard. If currently enrolled, the referral and application process must originate from the student’s home high school. The application will be sent to the district screening team for review.
    • Students not living in Missoula County Public School district will be placed on the bottom of the waiting list and will not be considered until every student living in the Missoula County Public School District has enrolled.  Students living outside MCPS District will be subject to tuition charges.
    • Student’s home school will be the last school where they were enrolled.
    • The district screening team will consider applicants with extenuating circumstance for immediate placement.
    • Incomplete applications will not be screened.