Marya Dolezal

Phone: 406-728-2400 Ext. 2878


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics, Education Option Master's Degree in Educational Theory and Practice

Marya Dolezal

Welcome.  My name is Marya Dolezal and I teach mathematics at Willard.  I grew up in Western Montana and this is my 15th year of teaching.  I taught in Western Washington, Bigfork, at Missoula College, Seeley Lake and this is now my sixth year at Willard. I have a BA in Mathematics, a minor in German, and a Masters Degree in Educational Theory and Practice.  I have a wonderful family of my husband and 3 dogs, and have recently been undertaking many house and garden projects.  

My teaching schedule for 2020-2021 First semester is:

Period 1: Algebra 1A

Period 2: Algebra 1A

Period 3: Algebra 1B

Period 4: Algebra 1B* 

Period 5: Algebra 1C

Period 6: Algebra 1C*

*Subject to change if necessary to Financial Math


Contact Information: Email is the best way to reach me! (


I am in Room 208, though currently at home and Scott is in the classroom.  


Please be sure to check out the google classroom for each course and contact me with any questions or concerns.  I stream each day through the google meet for the course, so if you are at home you can login during a regular school day at your regular class time and still attend class or ask questions.



Periods 1 and 2 are February 16 unitl March 26

Periods 3 and 4 are March 29 until April 30

Periods 5 and 6 are May 3 until June 10


Break times are 11:45-11:55 for the morning class and 2:30-2:40 for the afternoon class.

  • In Financial Math we are doing a number of assignments this quarter to focus on the future. We are starting the course by looking at 3 careers, what are FICO scores and how to care for them, cost and financing of college/ technical school, working on the car and car loans assignments, the costs of furnishing an apartment, planning and budgeting a vacation, taxes, etc.

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  • This month in Algebra 1 we are starting to work through Module 4 in Mathia which is all about exponential growth and decay.   We will also do worksheets as well. We will have lives 1-2 times per week and updates of assignments and how to videos added to classroom 3+ times per week.


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  • This month in Algebra 2 we are beginning statistics and probability.  I will post 2-3 worksheets each week and will post how to videos and have 2 lives per week.  

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