Jo Boyles

  • Jo Boyles 2016  
    Hello.  My name is Jo Boyles and I am from the UK.  I have lived in the US since 2001 and Missoula since 2009.  I taught Math for 6 years in the UK to age 11-18 year olds and for 6 years in the US.  I teach Math here at Willard and am also a certified K-12 librarian. I always try to show students practical and relevant applications of Math to help them understand the need for it in their lives.  My practical Geometry class during the second trimester is a perfect example of this and I am hoping to work with the construction company building the new Willard to show another use of Math in the real world.  My husband is a Science teacher at Hellgate High School and we have two children who attend Rattlesnake Elementary. 
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