Jo Boyles

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    Hello and welcome to the 2020-21 school year!
    Work will be posted in Google Classroom for students, so please check there frequently.
    Do keep checking back here for updates though.
    Make good choices and stay safe and healthy.
    Please email me with any questions or concerns any time
    My name is Jo Boyles and I am from the UK.  I have lived in the US since 2001 and Missoula since 2009.  I am still a British citizen and in August 2018 I became a US citizen.
    I taught Math for 6 years in the UK to age 11-18 year olds and this will be my 10th year teaching Math in the US.  I am also a certified K-12 librarian.  
    I have taught Math here at Willard since 2016 and this year I will be teaching Math and Health Enhancement.  I always try to show students practical and relevant applications of Math to help them understand the need for it in their lives. This year I will be developing classes to encourage everyone to make healthier lifestyle choices and positive changes.
    Schedule - Aug 26th to October 2nd
    Period 1 10:15-12:15 Geometry
    LUNCH 12:15-1:00
    Period 2 1:00-3:00 Health Enhancement
    Contact Information:
    406-728-2400 Ext. 2853