• School Supplies for Lewis & Clark Elementary

    ***Each student will need a pair of Gym Shoes that remain at school, grades 3-5 one composition notebook for Spanish, and a backpack labeled with their name.***

    ***Students NEW to Lewis and Clark will need a white 3” Clearview binder, ~25 clear sheet protectors, and a set of 8 binder dividers for IB.***

     Please purchase only what is listed. No Mechanical Pencils, Erasable Pens, Perforated Page Notebooks.

    Classroom supplies listed below by teacher.

    Kim O'Connor       O'Connor Printable PDF

    3 folders
    2 spiral notebooks
    2 composition notebooks
    2 pink erasers
    box of 24 crayons
    box of 12 (or more) colored pencils
    Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Harper        Jones/Harper Printable PDF




    Composition Books 


    #2  Pencils 


    Pencil Box 


    Box of Colored Pencils 

    Box of Crayons

    Black, permanent Sharpies- finely tipped

    Black, permanent Sharpies- regular tipped


    Bottles of Elmer's Glue 

    Pocket Folders

    Pair of Scissors


    Watercolor paint set

      3 inch White binder (  if new to Lewis and Clark only)   

    Box of Kleenex

    Backpack (with your name written on it)


    Pair of PE Shoes (with your name written in them)

    Water Bottle 

    Thank you very much!