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    Welcome to the
    Lewis and Clark Elementary School PTA!
    We need you!
    Our next meetings will take place on
    January 16th, 2018
    L & C staff lounge 
    ** Please let us know ahead of time if you will be needing childcare for this meeting, by contacting Jen jennifer_ferenstein@tws.org***
  • Enrichment Funding

    The PTA funds many enrichment initiatives for Lewis and Clark students. 
    We provide money for projects that support the students' academic, artistic, cultural, and physical development; that help meet students' basic needs; that improve students' and teachers' access to and understanding of technology; and that foster inclusiveness and the celebration of diversity.
    The PTA's largest funded program is paying for the salary of the Family Resource Center (FRC) and supporting the ongoing operation of this very valued program.  The PTA provides $6000.00 to teacher grants used for field trips and special classroom supplies, $500.00 for staff appreciation, $500.00 to maintain the outdoor discovery core, financial support of the EAST program and much, much more.  Over the last few years, every grade level has benefitted by money raised by and provided by the PTA.
    Requests for funds over $150 will be reviewed 2 times a year, at the October, and March PTA meetings.  In order to be reviewed during one of these cycles, this form must be submitted to the PTA one week before those meetings.   
    You can fill out the application form here.

    Previously Approved proposals:
    5th Grade Field Trip Transportation - $400 view here
    Kindergarten Writing Curriculum - $429 view here
    Literacy Intervention - $4750 view here
    Peace Choir Shirts - $300 view here
    Be Bucks Program - $500 view here
    4th Grade Novels for Independent Reading - $1800 view here
    Ipads for Interventions - $956.94 view here
    Active Recess - $940 view here
    5th Grade Poetry Project - $2400 view here
    1st & 2nd Grade Leveled Literacy Intervention - $3800 view here
  • Everyone is Welcome 

    Current PTA Board members:

    Co-President  Jennifer Ferenstein544-5987jennifer_ferenstein@tws.org
    Vice PresidentLorie Lochridge721-2355lblades_27@yahoo.com
    Loni Koerner370-2705lonikoerner@gmail.com
    Kelli Hess  



    Interested in becoming a member?

    It's never too late to join!  You can find sign-up forms on the bulletin board at the Park Street main school entrance.
    Lewis and Clark PTA encourages families to join, stay informed, and help out in any way you can. Please complete the online membership form.  Membership dues are $10 (or more if you can) per family.  Please send checks payable to Lewis & Clark PTA to the school secretary.
  • Announcements 




    Tuesday, January 23rd Helping Your Child Cope with Anxieties presented by Families First right here at L&C.  6:15-8:15 pm.  Free child care with pre-registration.  Register online at www.missoulaclasses.com or calling 406-549-8765.


    MCT is coming to Lewis and Clark!   The cast will be made up of 1st-5th graders; there are spots for 60 students.The cost is $33.00 per child. 

    Registration is January 3rd-January 4th and will be a lottery system this year to ensure everyone has a chance to participate.  Practices will run everyday after school from January 29th -February 2nd and there will be two performances on Saturday, February 3rd.  To participate, you must be available for all practices and performances.  


    For more information, please contact Reggie Spaulding rsspaulding@hotmail.com


    HELP SUPPORT OUR PTA through this fundraiser... 

    Coming February 3rd--a great way to support the PTA, add some color to your mid-winter, and get ready for Valentine’s Day! Lewis and Clark teacher Christy Meurer will be in the Music room on the day of the MCT performances selling fair-trade, handmade, sustainable jewelry from I Thought of You. Every purchase during her pop up sale will support artisans in developing countries AND our amazing PTA! The PTA funds everything from our Family Resource Center and Outdoor Discovery Core, to amazing EAST enrichment classes and field trips for our kiddos. So come support a fantastic cause, get yourself (or your Valentine) some beautiful jewelry, and watch our fantastic kiddos perform! 


    We'd like to thank these generous Lewis and Clark business donors who will match up to $600 in total sales from our upcoming fair trade jewelry pop up. We are so grateful for their support! See you February 3rd from 2-7 in the Music Room!



    Annual DODGEBALL Tournament!


    February 10, 2018

    Registration begins January 15th-February 7thDodge Ball Registration Packet





    How to get someone “out”

    The object of the game of dodgeball is to eliminate all the players from the opposite team by sending them to “jail”.  Players are “out” and sent to jail when they are hit anywhere (except above the shoulders) by a ball.  As soon as you are hit, raise your hand. If you were hit below the shoulders, start walking off the court. If you were hit above the shoulders, the person who threw the ball is “out”.  If you catch a ball thrown at you, the person who threw the ball is “out”.   Once you are out, you cannot throw or catch a ball and get someone else out, until after you return from jail.

    Blocking with balls

    You can use balls to block throws.  BUT if you fail to completely block the thrown ball and it hits you, you are out.


    Who is “right” if there is a dispute

    If you catch someone’s ball, or are hit above the shoulders, let the thrower know. If there is a dispute about a catch or a hit above the shoulders, the catcher or person hit is always right.  If there is a dispute about a hit below the shoulders, the thrower is always right.



    Jail is on the opposite side of the gym behind the other team.  There will be a line on the gym floor that jailbirds must stay behind.  (The line is adjusted for different age brackets.)  When in jail, you cannot cross the jail line to pick up or catch balls.  The other team may enter the jail area to gather balls or block balls.


    How to get out of jail

    Players get out of jail and back in the game by catching a ball while in jail.  Both feet of the jailbird must be behind the jail line when the ball is caught.  If one jailbird catches a ball, two jailbirds can leave jail and are back in the game—two-for-one special!  If a player from one team makes a basket in the basketball hoop behind the opposite team (above the jail), all that players’ teammates in jail are set free.


    “Safe zone” getting to and from jail

    Players who are going to or coming from jail may walk or jog outside the court boundaries to get to jail or back to their team. While in this neutral “safe zone”, players cannot be hit. 


    Getting balls to your teammates from jail

    When you are in jail, you can roll (not throw) balls back to your teammates on the other side of the gym.


    Dead balls

    If a ball hits a wall, ceiling, basket ball hoop, or another player, or if it is blocked by another player’s ball, it is a “dead ball”.  If a dead ball hits you, you are not out, and if you catch a dead ball, the thrower is not out.  (But remember, if you are trying to block with a ball, and the thrown ball hits your blocking ball and then hits you, you are out.  You did not manage to completely block the thrown ball.) 



    The black lines on the edge of the court are the side boundaries (there is no end boundary).  The area outside the boundary is a neutral “safe zone” for players to walk to and from jail.  You must stay within the court boundaries to throw or catch balls.  Balls caught or thrown outside the court boundaries do not count as “hits” or “catches”.  You may temporarily go out-of-bounds to retrieve a ball, and a hit does not count while you are out-of-bounds.


    How a “game” is won

    Games are 15 minutes long.  The team with the most wins in the 15-minute time period wins the “game”.  If a team wins five times in a row in their time period, the game will be over.  If the time period expires and no team has won or the teams are in the middle of a set, the team with the most players in the game (not in jail) will win the game or the last set, respectively.


    Tie breaker

    If teams are tied at the end of the game period, we will have a three-minute tie breaker.  Time will run for exactly three minutes, and the team with the most players in the game (not in jail) after three minutes will win.




    Contact Jennifer Ferenstein  @ jennifer_ferenstein@tws.org



    Save the Date:   Western Hop 2018




    The money we raise at this event supports class field trips and classroom special materials.



    This events takes many volunteers working together to be successful.


    Linsay Guttermuth and Tory Dailey



    Sock Hop Chairs              



    Here’s how it works:


    There are Tons of Fun things to do:
    Admission only $2 in advance or $3 at Door (Preschool and under free)
    $1 will get you:         Carnival Games, Bingo, Cake Walk, and Raffle Tickets & more
    $2 will get you        A picture taken with a Western Style Sock Hop backdrop, and/or dinner (a slice of pizza, cookie & a drink)
    FREE Activities in the Gym:
    Costume Contest, Hula-Hoop contest, Dance contest and Limbo Contest. The Hula-Hoop Contest will be first. If you plan to participate be in the gym by 6:15.


    Buy your Admission tickets in advance

    The week before the event: Tuesday, February 20– Friday, February 23rd we will be selling admission tickets on the playground BEFORE school from 8:00am to 8:25am and AFTER school on Tuesday, February 20th - Thursday, February 22nd from 3:00pm to 3:40pm. Parents and kids can buy them. This will assure that they can get in quickly the night of the Sock Hop and avoid long lines at the door.


    This is a family event. Students cannot attend without an adult.


    Questions... Contact Linsay Guttermuth guttermuth@gmail.com or Tory Dailey tory@torydailey.com 


    Proceeds go toward class field trips, school enrichment opportunities,
    and other PTA-sponsored programs that directly benefit Lewis & Clark students.






    Regular Meeting Schedule:

    We meet on the third Tuesday of each month, in the teachers lounge. The PTA meetings are from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. We start promptly at the designated time.

    We will hold two daytime meetings to accommodate those that cannot make the later time.  September 19th 12-1:00 and January 16th 12-1:00 in the teachers lounge. 

    Childcare is provided. If you will be needing childcare, please contact Jen Ferenstein before the meeting, so that we can plan for the right number of childcare workers.   

  • Volunteer Opportunities

    We are looking for volunteers to help with a plethera of events, fundraisers and simple tasks to help the PTA continue to be able to raise money, provide opportunities for fun and growth within the Lewis and Clark community.
    Family Movie Nights
    Contact Lisa Hayhurst & Tracey Cravy if you'd like to help before, after or during the event!
    Western Hop
    Contact Linsay Guttermuth or Tory Dailey if you'd like to help before, after or during the event!
    Coffee, Toffee, Tea Fundraiser
    Contact Sonja Wolsky if you would like to assist sonja@wolsky.com
    Interested in Diversity and Inclusion? We have a committee that helps ensure our school is inclusive. Join the Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Contact Mona Bachman: mona_bachmann@hotmail.com or Reggie Spaulding rsspaulding@hotmail.com