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    Lewis and Clark Elementary School PTA!
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    Our next meeting will take place on
    Tuesday, October 20th at 6:30 pm
    Via Google Meet or Zoom 
  • Enrichment Funding

    The PTA funds many enrichment initiatives for Lewis and Clark students. 
    We provide money for projects that support the students' academic, artistic, cultural, and physical development; that help meet students' basic needs; that improve students' and teachers' access to and understanding of technology; and that foster inclusiveness and the celebration of diversity.
    The PTA's largest funded program is paying for the salary of the Family Resource Center (FRC) and supporting the ongoing operation of this very valued program.  The PTA provides $6000.00 to teacher grants used for field trips and special classroom supplies, $500.00 for staff appreciation, $500.00 to maintain the outdoor discovery core, financial support of the EAST program and much, much more.  Over the last few years, every grade level has benefitted by money raised by and provided by the PTA.
    Requests for funds over $150 will be reviewed 2 times a year, at the October, and March PTA meetings.  In order to be reviewed during one of these cycles, this form must be submitted to the PTA one week before those meetings.   
    You can fill out the application form here .

    Recently Approved Proposals:
    Funds for positive postcards for the FRC - $240.00
    IPads for the Resource Classes - $600.00 
    funds for willife project in Betsy Sharkey class - $250.00
    Previously Approved proposals:
    5th Grade Field Trip Transportation - $400 view here
    Kindergarten Writing Curriculum - $429 view here
    Literacy Intervention - $4750 view here
    Peace Choir Shirts - $300 view here
    Be Bucks Program - $500 view here
    4th Grade Novels for Independent Reading - $1800 view here
    Ipads for Interventions - $956.94 view here
    Active Recess - $940 view here
    5th Grade Poetry Project - $2400 view here
    1st & 2nd Grade Leveled Literacy Intervention - $3800 view here
  • Everyone is Welcome 

    Current PTA Board members:

    Co-President   Kamra Kolendich   lewisandclark.pta.missoula@gmail.com
    Co-President Jeff Lamson   lewisandclark.pta.missoula@gmail.com
    Treasurer Emily Mackenroth   emily.mackenroth@bhhsmt.com
    Secretary  Keri McHugh    keri.mchugh@gmail.com

    Interested in becoming a member?

    It's never too late to join!  You can find sign-up forms on the bulletin board at the Park Street main school entrance.
    Lewis and Clark PTA encourages families to join, stay informed, and help out in any way you can. Please complete the online membership form.  Membership dues are $10 (or more if you can) per family.  Please send checks payable to Lewis & Clark PTA to the school secretary.
    Online membership form coming soon.
  • Announcements / Events


     Coffee, Toffee, Tea Funraiser - October 13 to October 21.


    The Coffee, Toffee, Tea items for sale are provided by local Montana vendors Florence Coffee, Montana Tea & Spice Co., Bequet Caramels and the Sweets Barn. Selling these items are a great way to support both Lewis and Clark and a local business...and the items make great gifts! 
    The PTA relies on fundraising money  to support the numerous programs and funding  needs of the school. Some of these include teacher grants used for classroom supplies, educational tools and programming, field trips, financial support of the Family Resource Center,  staff salary for FRC as well as programs such as our school's Outdoor Discovery Core, EAST program, Staff Appreciation week and much more. This fundraiser assists all grade-levels and goes directly back to the teachers and students of Lewis and Clark.




    Regular Meeting Schedule:

    We meet on the third Tuesday of each month. The PTA meetings are from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. We start promptly at the designated time.


  • Volunteer Opportunities

    We are looking for volunteers to help with a plethera of events, fundraisers and simple tasks to help the PTA continue to be able to raise money, provide opportunities for fun and growth within the Lewis and Clark community.