Characteristics of Fourth Graders

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    Common Characteristics of Eight Year Olds

    Enthusiastic and imaginative, eight year olds often love big challenges,

    but lack the work skills and patience to complete their plans. 

    Children this age need adult help to know their limits and work through the steps to their goal. 



    Love group activities and cooperative work

    Prefer playing with peers of the same gender

    Like to talk and explain ideas

    Good sense of humor

    Adjust well to change; bounce back quickly from mistakes or disappointments



    Full of energy; play hard, work quickly, and tire easily-do better with several short play breaks than one long one.

    Eyes able to focus well on objects near and far

    May have growth spurt

    Limited attention span; short exercise break helps concentration

    Better control of eyes and hands allow cursive writing and copying from board



    Industrious, impatient, and full of ideas; often take on more than they can handle

    Listen well but may not always remember what they have heard

    Getting good at handwriting, handcrafts, computers, and drawing

    Excited but also nervous about exploring the broader world

    May give up when things are hard but soon want to try again

    Interested in rules, logic, and fairness



    Common Characteristics of Nine -Year -Olds

    The enthusiasm of eight often turns into brooding and worrying at nine.

    Nines tend to be critical of the world around them-nothing seems fair to a

    nine-year old.   But nine can also be a time of budding intellectual curiosity.  

    Children this age look hard for explanations of how things work and why things

    happen as they do.



    Very competitive, yet may form cliques

    Complain a lot; criticize self and others (including adults)

    Often say "I hate it, I can't do it, or that's boring". 

    Like to work with same-gender partner

    Can work in groups but with lots of arguing

    Enjoy exaggeration, jokes and graffiti

    Need adults to be patient and explain clearly

    Need adult lightheartedness, humor, and encouragement

    to lighten their mood and relieve anxiety



    Coordination is better; boys love to rough-house

    Like to push physical limits; get tired easily

    Complain about aches, pains and injuries

    Restless; cannot sit still for long

    May bite nails or twist hair to relieve tension




    Worry about world events, parents' health, friends, school, etc.

    Work hard and pay attention to detail, but may jump quickly

    between interests

    Less imaginative than at eight year olds

    Want factual explanations; enjoy scientific exploration

    Have trouble understanding abstractions such as large numbers,

    long periods of time, and vast areas of space

    Love language and word play

    Begin to see the bigger world, including issues of justice and fairness

    Enjoy interesting clubs such as stamp collecting, chess, or rock collecting clubs


    Common Characteristics of Ten -Year -Olds

    Ten-year-olds are generally happy and relaxed, enjoying

    themselves and their peers, parents, even siblings.

    Proud of all they have accomplished, they like to share their knowledge with others.

    Ten usually do well with group project because they tend to be calm and

    naturally cooperative.



    Good age for clubs, team sports, and whole-class activities

    Eager to reach out to others, such as through community service or

    Tutoring younger children

    Boys and girls work well together

    Quick to anger and quick to forgive

    Competitive but also cooperative

    Listen well but also enjoy talking and explaining

    Enjoy adult recognition



    Muscles for jumping, running, and other big movements are

    developing quickly

    Need lots of outdoor play and physical challenges

    Snacks and rest periods help rapidly growing bodies

    Better at small muscle movements; enjoy precision tasks

    such as tracing and copying

    Ready to start using tools such as compasses, rulers, and templates



    Very good at memorizing facts

    Enjoy collecting, organizing, and classifying

    Like rules and logic; open to learning about scientific principles,

    governmental structures, and meeting formats

    Can concentrate on reading and thinking for long periods

    Hardworking; take pride in school work

    Enjoy choral reading, poetry, plays and singing

    Open to learning mediation or problem-solving skills