Battle of the Books

  • List of 2023-2024 Titles


      • There is a third grade division and fourth/fifth grade division. Third-graders will participate in school battles, but will not go on to a district battle.
      • The fourth/fifth grade team that wins the school battle will go on to compete in the district battle.
        • Parents will be contacted if their children are on the winning team. At that point, they can arrange transportation to the district battle. Coaches are also welcome to attend!
      • Students will be asked to sign up in teams of three. They can select students from other classes. Teams of two are allowed either by choice or necessity.
      • Once teams are established, team members may not be changed.
      • If a team member is absent on the day of the competition or has dropped out of the program, the remaining team members must continue without him/her.
      • There will be three in-school battles this year.  Each battle will focus on four titles. See table below for titles. Scores from the first two battles will be combined to determine the top teams in each division. Those teams will go on to the third/final battle.


    • Battle 1: December
    • Battle 2: February
    • Battle 3: April  (This battle will be between the highest scoring teams from the first two battles.)
    • Each team will be asked eight questions. The first five will be Phase I questions. The last three will be Phase II. 


      • Phase I questions: Teams will have 30 seconds to collaborate on both the title and author of the books for Phase I questions. Five points will be given for the correct book title. Three points will be given for the correct author. No score is earned for the author’s name unless the book title is given first.
        • Example: In what book did a spider spin words into a web?
      • Phase II questions: Teams will have 20 seconds to collaborate on the answer to Phase II questions. Ten points will be given for the correct answer. No bonus points are awarded for naming the author. Phase II questions are short, factual ones. 
        • Example, in Where the Red Fern Grows, what were the names of the dogs?
    • Each team will elect one spokesperson to share answers. 
    • Teams have the right to challenge answers declared incorrect by the judges if they are CERTAIN they can give a correct response. Challenges must be made immediately. Teams will have three minutes to prove that their answer is correct by using the text.