•  Rachel Danielson
    4th Grade

    Franklin Elementary 1910 S. 11th St. West

    Missoula, MT 59801
    (406) 728-2400 ext. 2229
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  • At Home Schedule Suggestion


    Read to Self: Have students read to themselves. This can be anything.  Research says they should read 90 minutes but 30 is a good start.


    Practice Typing: If you have access to a computer, students should log onto typing club or nitro type.


    Freewrite: Have students write freely everyday. It can be a story or something they did for the day.  Research says 30 minutes a day but 10 minutes is a good start.


    Math Facts Practice: You could ask your kids to recreate speedway (they are experts and they love it so much ;)) They could also make mulitiplication cards to help them keep up to speed. They can also just practice memorizing their count-bys (example of 3 count-bys: 3,6,9,12...)


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  • Corgis!!

    Meet my two amazing corgis! Ryker is a calm snuggling corgi, who is almost 12 years old. Thor, who was born March 15, 2020, is a wild, adventurous pup who loves to play with other dogs and meet new people.


    Corgis Corgis 2 Corgis 3


  • Classroom Setup Video and Greetings from Ms. Danielson and Ryker.

    At Home Classroom

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  • Google Classroom

    Make sure to click on the tab at the left to get connected to google classroom if you have not already.

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