• We are all PAX Leaders at our school.  As PAX leaders, we know to:
    Walk quietly in the halls using our PAX signal.
    Use our PAX hands and feet in a safe manor.
    When our teachers say, "Show me PAX" we immediately stop what we are doing and focus on what our teachers have to say.  
    At Franklin School we use our PAWS: 
    P - Positive
    A - Always Respectful
    W - Work and Play Responsibly
    S - Safe
    We have 4 main classroom rules:  
    Rule #1
    Follow directions quickly
    Rule #2
    Raise your hand for permission to talk
    Rule #3
    Use inside voices
    Rule #4
    Keep your dear teacher happy.
    We also teach Kelso's Choices for positive problem solving and Zones of Regulation for identifying our feelings.