Community Resources--to include COVID-19 resources

    Missoula Covid-19 Resources
    **Mutual aids "non essentials warehouse"
    items such as diapers, dish soap, toilet paper etc
    150 South Catlin
    10am-7pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
    10am-1pm only Wednesday
    Not open Friday, Saturday or Sunday
    Help line-(406)219-1834 offering free delivery
    link for free letter to ask for help with rent assistance during Covid-19

    A list of local organizations and agencies that assist those in need.
    An easy to remember phone number that connects people with important community services and volunteer opportuntities. Just dial 211!
    An introduction to Missoula's array of resources, published by the Missoulian.
    Missoula Community Resources

    A Pinterest page managed by the Missoula Job Service with links and sites for resources in Missoula and the surrounding areas.