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    Posted by Erin Kemmis on 1/16/2020


    Tomorrow is our field trip to the Natural History Center! We will get on the bus at 11:55 and return at 2pm. If you signed up on the blue sheet to chaperone, please show up at 11:45 and thanks for coming along! 
    We will be walking on the Kim Williams Trail for 45 minutes, so be prepared for slush, snow, or ice on the trail and warm clothes. :)
    We learned about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's legacy today - remember, we have Monday off in honor of his birthday! Lana's dad will be in tomorrow as part of Read For Peace, a community volunteer effort to get community members into classrooms to read and teach about Dr. King. Your children may have some big questions that come up tonight or tomorrow night at bedtime about him and his work for civil rights. 
    We have been working on finding partners of ten during math. Sometimes we call them "friends of 10," two numbers that work together to make a group of ten. I had 13 paper bags around the room with an assortment of objects that equal ten, like 2 red cubes and 8 blue cubes, or 1 gold key and 9 silver keys. They had a great time recording their findings with their partner! Look for this recording sheet in their Thursday packet tonight and ask them about the activity! 
    We do Creative Movement every Wednesday morning with Ms. Paoli's class! Here we are pretending we are the critters who survive winter thanks to the subnivean zone! We had to follow the lines on the gym floor and pretend like they were the tunnels through the subnivean zone. If your child hasn't told you about this magical zone, yet, ask them about it!
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