• The Corona Shuffle

    Posted by Susie Mueller on 3/24/2020

    Dear students and families-

    I can’t believe that we are not back at Russell School!  I miss you all very much!  

    For the week of March 23-27th there is no actual classwork from me ( I am busy putting together our schedule and materials for next week) but there are things to do to keep your brain engaged and strong.  Check out this link from the school district- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DMel5zNTa_WSBkcLvL4T1FwH1dWNgFohAOKbHTx3KNI/edit

    For the week of March 30-April 3 (if we are still out of school-- I am preparing as if we will be) I will be doing live math and ELA lessons online through google meets (can be viewed later if you are unable to meet at that time), as well as sending science links and writing information via google classroom.  Please make sure that your student knows how to login to their school gmail account from home.

          1. Go to google.com  

    1. sign in using username : 27******@student.mcpsmt.org  (your student’s first 3 letters of last name then first 3 letters of first name)
    2. password 10*****Aa (your student’s ID number and  initials)

    They need to be logged in to access all of the parts of the google suite. I will put all schoolwork information for them on that platform starting next week.

    Today if you go to google classroom there is a question posted that they can answer.

    On Wednesday from 9:30-10:30 I will be hanging out in a google “meet”.  Students can use a computer or cell phone to stop in and stay hi (a phone might make you download the Meet app if you don’t already have it).  Here is the link meet.google.com/awu-dryi-knq


    Please don’t hesitate to contact me via classdojo or email.  We are going to get through this crazy phase of life and have a lot of great stories.   Stay safe out there but DON’T FORGET TO READ!!!!

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  • Friday Message 2/28/20

    Posted by Susie Mueller on 2/28/2020

    Colonial Day was a great success thank you for your support!

    Tonight (Friday 2/28) is the Russell School Glowdance in the gym. Admission is free. There will be food available for purchase. Students need to attend with an adult.

    Next week is the birthday of Dr. Seuss and I love to read week!
    Monday- Pocket day
    Tuesday- PJ day
    Wednesday- wear something wacky
    Thursday- Green day
    Friday- Stripes day

    Please sign and send in the February Reading Calendars.

    5th grade Orchestra Fly Up Concert is Tuesday, March 3rd, at 7:00PM in the MeadowHill Gym. Arrive at 6:40 to tune your instrument.

    5th grade Band Fly Up Concert is Wednesday, March 4th, at 7:00PM in the MeadowHill Gym. Arrive at 6:40 to tune your instrument.

    The American Revolution Musical is on Wednesday, March 4th at 2:15 in the Russell School gym. It is going to be soooooooooo good! I hope that you can come!

    I still have several unfilled Parent/Teacher conference time slots. They are March 10-12. You can sign up at the following link.


    Have a wonderful weekend... but don't forget to read!

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  • Friday Message 2/21/20

    Posted by Susie Mueller on 2/21/2020


    Happy Friday!  


    Here’s what you need to know for the next 2 weeks-


    American Heart Association money is due next week.  Please finish online orders or send in the pledges to me.  I will get them to Ms.Opstad. 


    There is a Leadership Breakfast on Wednesday, February 26th, at 8:00AM in the second grade pod.  Juice and muffins will be available and/or they can get a school breakfast.  


    Colonial Day is Friday, February 28th! The students have been working so hard to get their presentations for the younger grades ready!  On Friday they need to come dressed as colonists already. We begin teaching in the younger grade classes right away. You are welcome to come watch your student teach.  They know their schedule or you can message me for it. At 2:15 in the Russell School gym we will be performing an authentic Colonial Dance for the student body. Parents are also welcome to attend.  It will last about 15 minutes. The rest of day will be spent doing activites from the time period. We will dip candles, stitch samplers, build log cabins, and make butter. It is a great day!!


    Friday evening is the Russell School Glowball from 6-7:30PM.  Families are invited to attend free of charge. Students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


    WEDNESDAY, March 4th (date was incorrect in the newsletter) in the 5th grade American Revolution Musical.  It will be at 2:15 in the Russell School gym. We hope you can come! If you want to take your student home after the performance, follow us back to our classroom and check them out with me.


    Students final Trimester 2 reading goals are due Friday, March 6th.  Most students are completely on target to meet their goal. However, a few are not…. Please ask your student how they are doing.


    I sent home a note today about the Silverwood reading challenge.  In order to earn the free day pass, students need to read 10 additional hours (NOT including the 100 min/week that I assign).  You can keep track of this on the Silverwood sheet or on the February and March reading logs. All hours are due by March 31st.


    Finally, Parent/Teacher Spring Conferences are coming up March 10-12.  Please sign up using this link.



    If you made it to the end of this, you deserve a great weekend!   But… don’t forget to read!

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  • Friday Message 2/7/20

    Posted by Susie Mueller on 2/7/2020
    I sent a note about Colonial Day home today in the Friday Folder. Please read with your student and sign the remove the bottom of the sheet and send it back in on Tuesday. Students will begin working on their individual presentations next week. February 28th will be here before you know it!

    Ms. Opstad asked me to forward on this message:

    It only takes 2 minutes to register your child online for the Kids Heart Challenge to help our class win the classroom challenge! Don’t wait! We are having a blast learning how to keep our hearts happy and healthy, just like Sofie who reminds us to add colorful fruits and veggies to every meal! If you haven’t yet, go to www.heart.org/kidsheartchallenge or download the free “Kids Heart Challenge” app and register. Join the fun! Thank you for your support

    If our school goal of $6,000 is raised Mr. Halloran will get slimed by ALL students who raise $200!!

    There is no school for students on Monday. Teachers have training all day. Enjoy your three day weekend---but don't forget to read!
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  • Friday Message 1/31/2020

    Posted by Susie Mueller on 1/31/2020

    Congratulations Maddie! She placed first in her downhill ski and snow shoe races at the Special Olympics on Wednesday. We are super proud of you!

    Next week we have a test on multiplying with decimals. The next unit is about double digit dividing and dividing with decimals... always a stressful one until they get the hang of it. Encourage them to keep trying- they will get it!

    All students must be finished with their Colonial free choice book by Friday, February 7th. Please ask your student how they are doing. February Reading Calendars went home today. Please sign and send in January Calendars on Monday.

    Our students have started our fundraiser for the American Heart Association. You can sign up digitally at www.heart.org/kidsheartchallenge or download the free “Kids Heart Challenge” app to register. Fundraising sheets came home in the Friday Folder today. Thanks for all of your support.

    Have a great weekend- but don't forget to read!

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  • Sunday Message 1/12/20

    Posted by Susie Mueller on 1/12/2020

    It was a very calm week back from break. It was soooo nice to see everyone! The next 3 months are great learning and growing months, I am very excited to get to it!

    We will be taking the Star 360 midyear assessment on Wednesday and Thursday. I expect to see a lot of growth from September. :) Let me know if you are interested in knowing your student's scores.

    Band and orchestra lessons are now 4 days per week (not Tuesdays). We are starting our big Colonization of America Social Studies unit- Colonial Day is planned for February 28th. In math we are learning multiplication and division with decimals. There are lots of great things going on....

    Have a great weekend, but don't forget to read!

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  • Friday Message 12/13/19

    Posted by Susie Mueller on 12/13/2019

    The Band and Orchestra Concert today was so great!  I am always amazed by their musical growth in only 4 months!  


    Next week is Winter Spirit Week

    Monday- wear candy cane red and white

    Tuesday- wear favorite holiday accessories (hat, headband, socks…)

    Wednesday- wear Grinch green

    Thursday- wear favorite flannel or plaid

    Friday- wear festive PJs or holiday sweaters


    Best news of the week- our books are mostly done!!!!  We will be reading them to a few of the lower grade classes over the week.  The students can bring them home on Friday. They are a real treasure of 5th grade.  I hope that you enjoy them!!


    Wednesday there is a leadership breakfast at 8:00AM in the 2nd grade pod.  It is for both ambassadors and house leaders.  


    Wednesday afternoon is the 1st Battle of the Books Competition.  If your student is participating, please remind them to get ready!


    We are going to have a Holiday Gift Exchange at our party on Thursday, December 19th( I will be at a wedding on Friday). Each student needs to bring a gender neutral wrapped gift to donate to the party. If you do buy something (not necessary) please keep the cost around $5-6 dollars. You can send those in at any time, I will keep them safe until the party. Please let me know if you have any questions.


    Have a great weekend but don’t forget to read!

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  • Friday Message 12/6/19

    Posted by Susie Mueller on 12/6/2019

    This was a very busy week!  


    The field trip to the Missoula Art Museum and the Missoula Public Library was great!  Both places are completely free to the public so if you would like to go, ask your 5th grade tour guide to show you around!


    We worked super hard on our Holiday/Winter stories this week.  All students are finished writing, typing, and printing. Phew! Most are working on illustrating their books now!  The completed book is due on Wednesday, December 11th, so that I can have a few days to bind them before we begin reading them to some younger grade classes before the Christmas Break.  :) They are darling- you’ll love them!


    Friday, December 13th, will be our first band and orchestra concert of the year.  We get to join the Kindergarten Christmas Concert so it is extra fun! The concert begins at 2:00 PM. Please join us!  Parents are welcome to check their students out with me afterwards if you want to take them home. Just follow us down to the classroom.


    We are going to have a Holiday Gift Exchange at our party on December 20th.  Each student needs to bring a gender neutral wrapped gift to donate to the party.  If you do buy something (not necessary) please keep the cost around $5-6 dollars. You can send those in at any time, I will keep them safe until the party.  


    Have a great weekend!  Don’t forget to read!  

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  • Friday Message 11/22/19

    Posted by Susie Mueller on 11/22/2019

    Happy Friday!


    I sent home forms to be completed in the Friday Folder today.  


    1. There is an application for a library checkout card from the Missoula Public Library.  We are going there on a field trip on December 4th. If you want your student to have their own card, send it back signed next Monday.  
    2. A form for purchasing a recorder for music class.  They are $6. I only sent home with students that were interested in getting one. Send back money and the form on Monday.
    3. A parent/student information form to be read together and signed and returned..  The holiday/winter story is a big project and I think it is important for you to know what is involved.  ALSO- I need your editing help over the Thanksgiving Break. I can’t sit down with each student and help them proofread their story and meet all of our projects deadlines. However, with your help we can do it!!!  Thank you in advance!!! :)


    We had our first Book Bingo Blackout today!! Congratulations Jaydence!  This means that she has already read 25 books this year!!! Keep it up!!


    There is  school on Monday and Tuesday only next week.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving Break together! Have a great weekend…. but don’t forget to read!

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  • Sunday Message 11/17/19

    Posted by Susie Mueller on 11/17/2019

    Thank you so much for coming to our conferences! I really enjoyed visiting with you!!

    This coming week we have much going on academically. We will begin multiplying fractions followed by dividing fractions soon after. Last week we wrote an essay as a class. On Tuesday we are going to write our first 5 paragraph essay on our own!! In Social Studies we are going to learn about the Native American tribes in the 5 different regions of the US. We will also have our last mindfulness lesson with Ms. Kate until after the holidays.

    There is a Leadership Breakfast on Wednesday at 8AM for all 5th grade Ambassadors and House Leaders. We will meet in the 2nd grade pod.

    Russell School is collecting medium to large crew length socks for local veterans in need. Please send pairs of new socks if you are able to help out with this project by Monday December 2nd.

    I hope that you enjoyed your 3 day weekend. See you tomorrow morning!

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