Battle of the Books

Posted by Darcy Caron on 10/1/2019

As Russell School’s librarian I am excited to provide our students with the opportunity to participate in the Missoula Battle of the Books program again this year. Battle of the Books (BOB) is a book trivia competition for teams based on 12 books. This year’s BOB program includes a 3rd grade level competition and a 4th and 5th grade level competition. Each level will have separate books, teams, and competitions.  The rules for both levels remain the same. 

Student-selected teams consist of three students. Team members will work together to read all the books and memorize titles and authors. Three battles will be held during the school year. For each battle, teams will read 4 of the 12 titles. Points from each battle will accumulate to determine the winning team after battle three. The 4th/5th grade team with the highest total score will represent Russell School in the Missoula County battle to be held in late April.

Participation is voluntary; however, once a student commits to a team he/she is expected to follow through and participate fully. Our library has several copies of each battle book, but students will only be allowed to check out one battle book at a time.  The Missoula Public Library also has print, electronic and MP3 copies of most titles. You may choose to purchase a copy of some of the books as they are all available in paperback.

To successfully prepare for the battle competition students will find it helpful to read and take notes on characters, setting, and plot details. They must memorize the titles and authors (last names) of the books. During the Battles, students will answer Phase 1 questions with the title and author of a book and with specific details for phase 2 questions. 

Students who attended the informational meeting and are interested in participating must have sign-up forms with parent signatures returned to school by October 12th. While students may choose their teams, they will sign up individually. All students who would like to participate are encouraged to sign up. We will be sure all interested students are included on a team.