Kids Heart Challenge

Kids Heart Challenge 2021

  • April 2021

    It is that time of year! Are you ready for the Kid's Heart Challenge?!

    We will be kicking off our event with this fun video and challenging our students to join in as secret agents at Russell Elementary! We will be raising donations to help others with special hearts and thinking about keeping our own hearts healthy by moving more, drinking more water and being kind! 

    We have already done jump roping in PE as each rotation has come to the gym since January, and now we get the chance to go beyond ourselves to help others and have some fun- like "pie-ing" some teachers and even Mr. Halloran! Our school goal is to raise $6000 for the American Heart Association. We can do it!

    Thank you for your support and encouragement this unique school year. There have been many challenges but also many rewards!

    Ms. Opstad