KHC heart heroes

Kids Heart Challenge 2020

  • May 13, 2020

    Hello Russell Families and especially all the Russell Bears!                                                                    

    I want to go back many weeks to before Spring Break and have the students remember how close we were to raising enough donations to earn the chance to slime Mr. Halloran (the goal was $6000 by at least 75 kids)… the promise was that we would know for sure after we returned….

    Well we all know how that has played out these weeks since Spring Break! I miss all the kids in the gym- the games and activities, the noise of music and kids playing, spending time together and checking in to see how each of you are doing. For me, the hardest parts of all of this are missing the routine of students in and out of the gym-the busyness and fun of it all, and simply not seeing all of you and interacting. Putting out lessons and ideas online in no way suffices for the sounds and activities in the gym. Please know that as I sit at the computer, my thoughts are really on when we will be back together! A big shout out to all of you for embracing what we can not control and making it work. I hope that you are learning and remembering that your health is your own and you need to make choices (or follow directions!) to be well on all levels!

    So back to all those posters on the gym wall for Kids Heart Challenge… and the fact that I finished filling in the thermometer showing we raised over $6000!  A HUGE spotlight on the 81 kids who brought in donations totaling $6542!!! (Yes, you read that right!!) So, Mr. Halloran and I have been working on a plan to safely have the kids who raised $200 or more, be able to slime him once we got the ok! And that has now happened so these kids will be stopping by school over the next couple of weeks to do the deed-

    • Presley S in KRS with $210
    • Teagan S in KRS with $210
    • Stella V in 1C with $211
    • Grahm J in 2M with $215
    • Susanna S in 4S with $232
    • Wesley W in KRS with $245
    • Kennedy K in KBS with $251
    • Maddie P in 2J with $274.16
    • Brandon G in 1S with $275
    • And with a total of $519.49! Max H in 5L!

    That is a total of $2642.65 by 10 students- WOW you guys ROCK!!!! Thank you for going above and beyond yourselves!

    So, the plan is in motion- these ten will slime Mr. Halloran during one of their class meetings online so their classmates can watch and cheer and we will also record all the happenings and make a video so all of you can be a part of the festivities! Keep an eye out for that- it will also give you more stats like which house earned the most!

    Thank you, thank you to all of you for working hard in PE jump roping and to the 81 of you who asked for donations to support the American Heart Association. It was a great team effort! And with that, I will close…

    What? Thank- you gifts?

    Teasing! Of course, I remembered! I told you previously that you would have gifts before school ended for the year… and I am still hoping that will be the case with about 4 weeks left of this school year. BUT really none of it is in our control. At this point, gifts are sitting in boxes in Los Angeles awaiting an ok to ship out and still be received on our end. I have been working with our American Heart Representative (remember Mr. Ron?!) and he is working on it for us! When they arrive, I will be contacting each of you who has earned a gift (or two or ten!) and arrange getting those to you! I have all your names and details so hang in there with me! Thank you!!!

    So, watch for the fun video coming and even though we can’t be together in an assembly cheering- remember to celebrate what has been accomplished!

    Hugs to each of you- I am so proud of all you Russell Bears!

    Be Well!

    <3 Ms. Opstad