• Spring Conference Sign Up

    Posted by Kelsey Malchi on 2/20/2020 4:00:00 PM

    Please check your schedules and sign up a time to chat with me for Spring Conferences! If you are having troubles, please contact me ASAP and I can sign you up for a time slot.

    Use this link: 



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  • Rare Disease Day 2020

    Posted by Kelsey Malchi on 2/18/2020 1:45:00 PM


    Rare Disease Day is February 29th.  This is a day to raise awareness for patients, families, friends, teachers and caregivers who aid in helping others who are special in our world.   It’s a call for action for people living with a rare disease to realize their potential for participation in family, work and social life.

    The 300 million people living with a rare disease around the world and their families face common challenges in their daily lives.  There are over 6000 rare diseases that are chronic, progressive, degenerative, disabling and frequently life threatening. Due to the rarity of each individual disease and scattered populations, expertise and information is scarce.  The long-term goal of Rare Disease Day is increased equity for people living with a rare disease and their families. 

    What can Russell Bears do to support?

    On Friday, February 28th wear your ‘genes’ (blue jeans) to help bring awareness to these efforts of support for these people and their families—perhaps there is someone you know that is living with a rare disease…perhaps your child has a classmate that is living with a rare disease? 

    Need more in order to support your child in understanding Rare Disease Day?  Visit https://rarediseases.org/rare-disease-day/

    Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change.

    - Barbara Mikulski


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  • I Love to Read Week!

    Posted by Kelsey Malchi on 2/4/2020 1:45:00 PM

    February 11-14th is I LOVE TO READ week! To celebrate books, we are going to have a little fun!

    No School--Stay home and read with someone your love!

    Slip into a good book:
    Wear slippers to read in today!

    Reading brings color to our world:
    Wear as many colors as you can today!
    (Rainbow day)!

    Reading is everywhere:
    Wear a t-shirt with a message!

    Hats off to a good book! Wear your hat to read your valentine’s!


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  • Help Our Class WIN!

    Posted by Kelsey Malchi on 2/3/2020 7:00:00 PM

    Dear Families - Hurry! We are in a race to win the classroom challenge and I need your help! The Kids Heart Challenge kickoff was yesterday and I need you to go to www.heart.org/kidsheartchallenge or download the free “Kids Heart Challenge” app and register your child. This could help our classroom win an Amazon gift card. When registering, your child will take one of three healthy challenges - Be Kind, Move More or Be Ready - AND earn a FREE powerband. Sign up now! Thank you for empowering our students to have happy and healthy hearts, while helping those like Alexa with special hearts!


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  • Mr. Halloran's Latest Vlog

    Posted by Kelsey Malchi on 1/23/2020 9:00:00 AM

    Find out what's happening at Russell in the New Year!



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  • Kids Heart Challenge

    Posted by Kelsey Malchi on 1/21/2020 1:30:00 PM

    Dear Russell Families~

    At Russell School, the American Heart Association’s Kids Heart Challenge event is starting soon! 

    The Kids Heart Challenge is a fun and exciting event where your student learns about their heart while helping others by raising money for the American Heart Association. It prepares your child for success through physical and emotional well-being.

    Through Kids Heart Challenge, kids learn jump rope skills, how their heart works and raise money to help kids with special hearts. Have fun, learn how to stay healthy and make a difference in the lives of others!

    This event will take place, at Russell, during their scheduled PE day!  More information will be coming, over the next few weeks, and the kids will participate in a kick-off assembly on January 30th!  

    To get ready, help your child sign up at www.heart.org/kidsheartchallenge or download the free  “Kids Heart Challenge” app and register. Your child will choose their heart health challenge and earn a FREE powerband for registering online.  AND you can help us win the classroom challenge! The class with the most students registered online will win!  Please help us!

    If you have questions about this event please contact Vicki Opstad (our Russell PE teacher) at vlopstad@mcps.k12.mt.us.

    Thank you for your support!
    Kelsey Malchi

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  • January Highlights

    Posted by Kelsey Malchi on 1/14/2020 1:00:00 PM

    Bear Den Free Family Library OPENS- Monday the 13th!

    * This is new and so exciting! Outside our library there is a cart full of books that are available for you to come in and enjoy! It is open from 2:45-3:30 daily except Thursday early out where the time will be 1:45-2:30. Come in and read while you wait for a sibling (there is books age appropriate from infant to 5th grade)! Take a book home to read before bed! Grab a book for a gift!  They are all FREE. Mrs. Caron (our librarian) is taking donations of high quality books for the space. Please deliver straight to her if you would like.


    This space will not be monitored by a staff member. All students and siblings must have an adult with them. :) 

    A lesson with Ms. Culkin ( our school counselor)- Tuesday the 14th! 

    Art- Tuesday the 14th!

    Book orders are due- Wednesday the 15th!

    No School- Monday the 20th!

    Read Aloud Time with our Native America Specialist (Ms. Dacia)- Thursday the 23rd!

    A lesson with Ms. Culkin (our school counselor)- Tuesday the 28th!

    Mrs. Malchi Gone ( for an all day meeting)- Wednesday the 29th!

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  • Winter Spirit Week

    Posted by Kelsey Malchi on 12/18/2019 1:00:00 PM

    Winter Spirit Week 2019

    Monday- Take a trip down candy cane lane...WEAR RED and WHITE!

    Tuesday-Wear you favorite Holiday accessories... socks, hats, headbands, etc.

    Wednesday- You're a mean one Mr. Grinch, but we can make your heart grow three sizes today! WEAR GREEN!

    Thursday- "Family" Flannel Day- wear your favorite flannel or plaid shirt- be ready to take "family" photos with your class!

    Friday- Kids-wear your PJS-Staff-"Festive" SWEATER Day!


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  • Newest Link

    Posted by Kelsey Malchi on 11/6/2019

    Check out my newest link under Building Our Classroom Community and MORE!

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  • October 24th Newsletter

    Posted by Kelsey Malchi on 10/24/2019

    In October…

    • We have practiced a Fire Drill and a Earthquake Drill!
    • We had our first Read Aloud time with our Native American Specialist today!
    • Ask your student about doing Daily 5 with our 2nd grade buddies! And W.I.N time!

    Upcoming Events

    • Pumpkin Patch Field Trip Oct. 25th!
    • Picture Make-Up Day and a Poison Prevention Presentation Oct. 29th!
    • Lady Griz Basketball Game Field Trip Nov. 5th

    Reading Targets

    • We now know all the letters and the sounds!
    • Identifying initial sounds
    • Sight Words: I, am, the, to, a, little, have, is
    • Fiction Vs. Nonfiction

    Math Targets

    • Counting to 30
    • Identifying numbers 0-10
    • Comparing numbers using the words more, less and equal

    Social/Emotional Support

    I have been introducing strategies to help your student solve small problems all by themselves! Check out the handout on Kelso’s Choices AND visit my website to find the link to their website!


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