• September Newsletter

    Posted by Shannon Judge on 9/3/2021 4:00:00 PM

    September Newsletter

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  • May News

    Posted by Shannon Judge on 4/30/2021 2:55:00 PM

    Greetings Families!

    I hope you are doing well and have been able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather! Attached you will find the May Newsletter (a paper copy came home in folders today) and you will also find an ABC Countdown to Summer! We have 25 days of school left and will be celebrating each day with a different activity or dress-up day. Today was "A" and we ended our day with Art!  On Monday, we will be celebrating Book Day and students can bring their favorite books from home to read at school. Please let me know if you have any questions about the days. They are optional, so no pressure to participate if it's not your thing! :)

    On Monday, May 3rd we will be starting our next PE rotation with Ms. Opstad. Please make sure that your child comes to school in PE shoes or brings PE shoes for the next 2 weeks. Students can definitely leave their PE shoes at school if that makes it easier for you or you can bring them each day, it's up to you!

    We will also be checking out Library Books on Wednesday, please return your checked out books and look for any lost books that might be hiding under beds or on bookshelves. 

    The final Book Order of the year will be coming home on Monday. You can order online or by sending in the paper with your check. Books can be delivered directly to your house or they can be delivered to the school. Scholastic has some awesome young chapter book series that are just right for 2nd graders and their books are often times less expensive. If you would like to order books, please return your order form or order online by Tuesday, May 18th.

    May Newsletter

    ABC Countdown to Summer!

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  • Monday, April 19th Home Learning Day Reminder

    Posted by Shannon Judge on 4/19/2021 7:00:00 AM

    Greetings 2nd Grade Families,

    Don't forget that today, Monday, April 19th is a Home Learning Day! Students can pick up grab and go lunches from Russell!

    Just a reminder that students brought their Home Learning Folders home last Friday and their jobs for today are inside. There is a note attached to the front that explains each paper job and then there are extra readers and Time for Kids magazines for your child to enjoy. Students can also log into i-Ready and complete one of their Green My Path lessons and don't forget to read for at least 30 minutes each day! Please return all of the work completed tomorrow. Thanks for your support with this at home!

    This morning, I will be hosting "Office Hours" via Zoom from 9:00 - 10:00 - please see your email for details and thel link to join. This is an optional opportunity for you to ask questions. If you have any questions, feel free to join the meeting and if not, no worries at all! You can always email or message on Seesaw if that's easier for you or if things come up later. 

    Have a wonderful day!

    Ms. Judge

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  • April Newsletter

    Posted by Shannon Judge on 4/1/2021 8:00:00 AM

    Greetings 2nd Grade Families!


    Please see the April Newsletter below, a paper copy was also sent home with your child on April 1st. Have a great day!April Newsletter

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  • March Newsletter

    Posted by Shannon Judge on 3/1/2021 8:00:00 AM



    Please see the March Newsletter below. A copy was also sent home on Fri. February 26th. Please let me know if you have any questions!


    March Newsletter

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  • Mid February Update

    Posted by Shannon Judge on 2/15/2021 8:00:00 AM


    Brrr! I hope you are staying warm and healthy! Below are a couple of updates and reminders for upcoming events. Thank you for all of your support at home, I look forward to meeting with you soon to discuss your learner's continued progress in 2nd grade!


    This week we will begin our 2 week rotation with Ms. Opstad! Students will be able to use the gym for PE which means that students will need to bring their PE shoes. Ideally, students will leave their shoes at school for the 2 week period and then shoes will be sent home. If you do not have PE shoes, no problem! We can get a pair from Ms. Kelly in the FRC to use. Please just let me know! 


    This week we will be celebrating the Read-a-thon with a SPIRIT Week filled with dress-up days (listed below). Please make sure students are logging their minutes read during the 2 week period so that they can earn a ticket to Silverwood or other prizes! Remember... the only way to become a better reader is to read every day for at least 30 minutes! If students have been gathering donations, please return all donation envelopes and reading logs on Thursday, February 18th! We will still accept donations and reading logs after Thursday, but students may not receive their prizes until later.

    Dress Up Days:

    Tuesday- House Color Day - Wear as much of your house color as possible
    Wednesday- Favorite Book Character Day - Dress up as your favorite character from a book
    Thursday- Russell Spirit Day - Wear Blue and white
    Friday - Cuddle Up with a Good Book Day - Wear your pajamas


    The 2nd Graders just finished up their 2 week rotation with Mrs. Z and her student teacher Mr. Martin. The students were able to be in the music room which allowed for them to practice using a lot of different instruments. In lieu of a music program this year, Mrs. Z worked with the students to produce a Reader's Theater (see email for link) with Musical Integration using a Congolese Folktale. Everyone worked so hard to learn their lines and music in under 2 weeks, a special thanks to Mrs. Z and Mr. Martin for all of their extra time and effort to make it work!

    SPARK Arts Integration:

    Each year, Missoula students have the opportunity to work with Missoula artists to integrate the arts with content standards that students are working on in the classroom. This year, we have the opportunity to work with Matt Loehrke from Missoula Children's Theater and Lizzi Juda from Turning the Wheel Missoula. Matt worked with us on character development for the Reader's Theater and making sure that the actions matched the feelings and story. Lizzi will be using a story to work with students on movement, self-expression, and acts of kindness. Matt and Lizzi have been teaching through an online platform so that everyone is safe, but students still have the opportunity for arts integration. 


    Please remember that if your child will eat breakfast at school, they need to arrive at school between 8:15 and 8:25. We will begin our learning day at 8:30. Lunch will continue to be in the cafeteria. Kids will use plastic dividers when eating and when in the classroom.

    Thanks for your help in ensuring that your child is not experiencing cold/flu symptoms before they come to school. Please use this document to assess whether your child should come to school or stay home. Thank you for helping to keep us all safe and at school!

    It is also helpful to have multiple clean masks every day. If you don't have more than one, we do have some disposable masks I can share with kids. I know the kids are feeling mask fatigue. Me too. However, your help in reminding your child that the mask is key to keeping us all safe and at school is appreciated!

    We do not have access to water fountains, and I'm out of cups! Please send a water bottle for your child - hydration is an important tool to being healthy. 

    Thanks for reading! Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Ms. Judge

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  • February Newsletter

    Posted by Shannon Judge on 2/1/2021 8:00:00 AM

    February Newsletter

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  • Phase 2 Update

    Posted by Shannon Judge on 1/25/2021 8:00:00 AM

    Greetings 2nd Grade Families,

    I hope this finds you all doing well! Thank you for all of your support at home during our Hybrid Learning phase. This week, we will not be assigning new jobs in Seesaw. Students should still be reading for 30 minutes everyday and doing 15 - 30 minutes of i-Ready Math- green or blue lessons before learning games. If students have old jobs in Seesaw that they need to fix or finish, please work on those! We will continue to use Seesaw in the classroom and you can follow along by using the “Seesaw Families” App, please let me know if you need a new invite code and I can get you one!

    The day is finally here! As I am sure you are all aware, our School Board voted to move to Phase 2 of learning. Superintendent Watson sent out an email to all parents on Monday and Friday of last week with more information. (If you are not getting the emails from Dr. Watson or Mr. Halloran, please contact Becky at the office and she can help you!) Phase 2 will bring students back for more days of in-person learning, but we will still be operating on a shortened schedule to accommodate transportation and extra cleaning in our buildings. Our days will continue to begin at 8:30 and will end at 2:10. If students need/want to eat breakfast, please get them here as close to 8:15 as you can so that they have time to eat and we can start our learning at 8:30.

    Beginning on Tuesday, January 26th all students in Kindergarten - 2nd grade will be returning to school for 4 days a week, Tuesday through Friday 8:30 - 2:10. (Students in grades 3-5 will be returning on Tuesday, February 2nd.) At this point, there will be no Seesaw home learning requirements on Mondays, but I do encourage your child to spend 15-30 minutes on i-Ready Math and that they read for at least 30 minutes a day. This will help keep those habits in place in case we have to switch to remote learning. 

    Our learning in the classroom is going to be looking a little different with the addition of more students in our small space. I have been working to get our tables switched out for desks so that each student will have their own dedicated learning spot for the day and a space where they can store their materials so they don’t have to move around the room as much. Each student will have a plastic divider to add another layer of protection when sitting at their desk.  Students will be grouped into a pod of 2 or 3 other students while in the classroom and at lunch. Instead of meeting on the carpet as a whole group for our learning, we will be working with more of a workshop model where students will be working on jobs independently or with a partner at their desk while I am teaching a small group of students. I will rotate to the different groups so that the pods of students can maintain distancing while inside. 

    We will still be having recesses with only our class and we will be eating lunch down in the cafeteria beginning Tuesday. This will allow students to eat in a larger space, while still maintaining their 3-4 person pod, and it will free up the sinks outside of our classrooms for the other 2nd grade classes to use during lunch. Specials will still be rotating on a schedule and we will spend 2 weeks with each specialist. I have included the schedule below. Mrs. Caron will continue to check out library books for all students each week- we will be checking out on Wednesdays, please send your child with their library books each Wednesday!

    Round 2 All students 4 days/wk

    Grade 2

    1. 2/2/21-2/12/21


    2. 2/16/21-2/26/21


    3. 3/2/21-3/12/21


    4. 3/23/21-4/2/21


    5. 4/6/21-4/16/21



    At this point, we are starting to see covid and mask fatigue and are having to manage a lot of behaviors that are cutting into our learning time and making learning more challenging. Please have a conversation with your child about the following reminders, we would all really appreciate it!

    *Please send your child with a clean mask each day that fits them well, please ensure that masks stay above their nose even when talking. If you are able to send a back up mask in their backpack that is helpful too! It is sometimes necessary to change masks throughout the day if one gets wet or dirty. We have plenty of extra masks available that students can use if they do not have a clean mask or need a replacement during the day!

    *Please talk with your child about the importance of washing their hands for at least 20 seconds. I know that it gets annoying having to constantly wash hands, but we want to keep the schools open which means we have to make sure we’re following the mitigation strategies as best as we can.  We’ve been discussing the importance of rubbing the soap all over our hands for 20 seconds before rinsing and not “speed washing” just to get it over with. Thank you for your help with this!

    *Please remind your child that physical distancing is still very important and we need to keep a safe distance between kids and keep our hands to ourselves. We will continue to not share items in the classroom. 

    *Please continue to complete the self-check each morning before sending your child to school. If your child is showing any signs of illness or had symptoms in the last 24 hours, please keep them home from school until they are symptom free for 24 hours. 

    *If you checked out a device from the school, please return it ASAP so that we can use them in the classroom*

    If you made it this far, thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time! Thank you for all of your help and support at home. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Ms. Judge

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  • Week 17 Home Learning Updates & January Newsletter

    Posted by Shannon Judge on 1/7/2021 8:00:00 AM

    Greetings Families!

    Happy New Year! 

    Week 17 Home Learning Updates:

    This week we will be making a change when assigning Seesaw activities for Home Learning Days. Instead of assignments showing up each day, all assignments will be added to the students activities tab on Thursday mornings. Assignments will continue to be labeled as Must Do or May Do and will also include the day and week. For example: MUST Do - Day 1 Week 17 - Place Value Practice. 

    Students can complete the activities on the day in the title or whenever works best for your family. We know that for some families it works for them to save some jobs to finish on the weekends or to do more on certain days if they know they have something happening in the week. Please continue to do what works and is best for your family!

    Home Learning Expectations:  

    • Students complete  Must Do Jobs  in their Seesaw activities tab, May Do Jobs are optional
      • Reading/Writing, Word Work, Grammar, and Math
    • At least 15 minutes of i-Ready Math - Teacher Assigned or My Path Lessons and then Learning Games - in addition to daily Seesaw math job.
    • At least 20 - 30 minutes of reading - please let us know if you need more reading materials for home. There are also digital reading options on the Russell Library Website.

    January Newsletter

    Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season and enjoyed the extra time with your student! I’m so excited for what 2021 has in store for us in 2nd Grade. We will be spending time reviewing routines and expectations before we jump back into our new curriculum! Please make sure that your child comes to school with appropriate clothes for the weather! Coats, hats, gloves, etc. should be labeled with students names in case they are misplaced or left on the playground. Thank you for helping your child with their Home Learning Jobs. Remember… the only way to become a better reader is to read! Students should be reading for at least 30 minutes a day.  Mrs. Caron is allowing students 2 library books a week and there are may digital options on the library website! Please let me know if you have any questions about the Home Learning Jobs. The Jan. Book Order will be due on Fri. Jan. 15th. or you can order online and have the books directly delivered to your door. Thanks!


    • Breakfast is served every morning in the classroom from 8:15 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. We begin Community Circle at 8:30, so it is very important that students arrive to school on time so that they don’t miss out on the fun!
    • Students have 3 days worth of Home Learning Jobs each week. The Weekly Learning Menu can be found in their folder and the activities can be found by logging into Seesaw via Clever on the mcpsmt.org website. Students should also read for at least 30 minutes per day and do at least 15 minutes of i-Ready Math!
    • We are always collecting Box Tops for Education. Thank you for checking the items you buy for these little treasures! Tell your family & friends!
    • Math to Practice: + & - facts within 20 – Telling Time – Counting Coins & Dollars


    • Monday, January 4th – Home Learning Day for All
    • Tues. Jan. 5th & Wed. Jan. 6th – A Days
    • Thurs. Jan. 7th & Fri. Jan. 8th – B Days
    • Monday, January 11th – Home Learning Day for All
    • Tues. Jan. 12th & Wed. Jan. 13th – A Days
    • Thurs. Jan. 14th & Fri. Jan. 15th – B Days
    • Monday, January 18th – NO SCHOOL – MLK Jr Day
    • Tues. Jan. 19th & Wed. Jan. 20th – A Days
    • Thurs. Jan. 21st & Fri. Jan. 22nd – B Days

    *** More information will come as School Board makes updated decisions***

    Learning Focus:


    • Comprehension – Non-Fiction Text Features, Asking & Answering Questions, Main Idea, Story Structure, Plot, Summarizing using Somebody, Wanted, But, Then, So
    • Daily 5 Routines – Read-to-Self, Word Work, Work-on-Writing, Listen-to-Reading, Read-to-Someone
    • Phonics – r-controlled vowels, plurals, long a: ai & ay, and long e: ee, ea, y
    • Grammar – Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs

    Social Studies/Science

    • Community Building, Mystery Doug Science Video, Monthly story with Ms. Dacia our Native American Specialist


    • i-Ready Math Routines
    • 2 – digit Addition with regrouping
    • Place Value
    • Review and Practice Addition & Subtraction facts to 20
    • Counting mixed groups or coins and bills
    • Telling Time to the nearest 5 minutes


    • Informational - How to
    • Complete sentences: capitals, punctuation, & finger spaces.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

    Ms. Judge

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  • December 14th - 18th Updates and Fun

    Posted by Shannon Judge on 12/14/2020 8:00:00 AM

    Greetings Families!

    We made it to our last week of school in 2020! This week will be filled with fun, challenging learning activities to take us into our long break! Included below are some reminders about upcoming events this week and links to access the fun. I would like to, again, thank you for all of your support during this strange start to your child's 2nd grade year. I've had so much fun getting to know the students and build relationships with each one of them. Even though we aren't in the classroom everyday, I have still seen amazing growth and I thank you for all that you are doing at home to help your child! I am looking forward to continuing our learning in 2021!

    Ms. Judge
    It's Our Last Week Before Winter Break!

    Winter Sing Along Invitation Please check you email for the link to the Virtual Sing Along!


    Hello Students--

    2020 Hour of Code with Mrs. Caron - Link to Mrs. Caron's Slideshow!

    This week is Computer Science Education Week (Dec. 7-13) so I wanted to invite you to join millions of students all over the world in spending one hour learning to use computer language or code to complete a variety of activities. You will learn to tell the computer what you want it to do. That's coding! It sounds a little hard, but I know you will enjoy the games. Use your Russell Bear resilience and don't give up! Open the slideshow and choose an activity from the K-3 page. There are directions and prompts in the games to help you know what to do next. Invite your family to do some of the activities with you. I'd love for you to tell me how much time you spend learning to code and if you like coding or not. Use the links on the slideshow to let me know. I'll add your time with all the other Russell students.


    Mrs. Caron, Librarian  

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