Bill Miller

  • Bill Miller

    You can contact me at 728-2400 x 2854

    Willard Alternative High School Program
    901 South 6th Street West
    Missoula, MT  59801


    Willard Alternative HS Program 

    We focus on creating spectacularly transformative learning experiences.  Our students master critical thinking skills in order to reliably develop unique solutions for nearly any challenge.

    Our beliefs:

    1. We are a relationship-based, small learning community focused on individual learning needs.
    2. We understand students need help and guidance with life issues as well as academic growth.
    3. We believe in choice, not chance.
    4. We believe students deserve to be treated respectfully and are capable of returning respect.
    5. We believe students learn best in a diverse setting, so we promote effective collaboration between students across all backgrounds and interests.
    6. We focus on projects and firsthand experiences that promote curiosity and deep engagement.
    7. We believe our students after graduating will be thriving members of the global community.
    8. We are alternative and believe in challenging the status quo. 

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