Weekly Review

  • Reading -  The kids will be working with 2 stories for the next few weeks.  The anchor text is Friends Around the World  The supporting text is The House on Maple Street. The focus skills are text features, main idea/details, and author's purpose.
    Spelling - The focus skill is Short e words.  There are also 5 memory words.  The words are listed on the Spelling page.
    Writing - The kids will write captions for pictures.  They will also write facts about a place.
    Specials - Mon.= Art, Tues.= Gym, Wed.=Music, Th.=Library, Fri.= Art
    Math - These are the skills we will work on this week:
               Monday - solve one-step story problems
              Tuesday- solve subtraction story problems
              Wednesday - solve comparison story problems
              Thursday- solve story problems
               Friday - skill review