Weekly Review

  • Reading -  The kids will be working with 2 stories for the next several weeks.  The anchor text is Danger Alert! The supporting text is Danger, Earthquakes!. The focus skills are main idea/details, non-fiction text features, and ask/answer questions.
    Spelling - The focus skill is words with long u. (eu, ew, ui)
    Writing - The kids will write facts about different occurrences that change the earth,  (Tornado, Volcano, Sinkhole, Wildfire, Flood)
    Science - The kids will complete a Mystery Science activity called Where do flash floods happen?
    Specials - Mon.= Library, Tues.= Art, Wed.= Gym, Th.= Music, Fri.= Library
    Math - These are the skills we will work on this week:
               Monday - compare 3-digit numbers
              Tuesday - 3-digit adding
              Wednesday - 3-digit adding
              Thursday - 3-digit adding
               Friday - skill review