Grade Level Supply List

  • Chief Charlo Elementary School Classroom Supply List School Year 2019-20

    Please label backpack, rest towel, shoes, and extra clothes only. All other supplies are shared.
    1 Backpack that is easy to manage and will hold a 9 1/2 x 11 1/2 folder
    2 Boxes of Washable Markers (any size or color variety)
    2 Boxes of 24 Crayons
    1 Box of Pencils
    4 Jumbo Sized Glue Sticks
    3 Containers of cleaning wipes
    2 boxes of kleenex
    1 Box gallon size Ziploc bags
    1 Pair of rubber soled tennis shoes (to leave at school in locker)
    1 Towel or small blanket to leave at school for rest time
    Spare set of clothing to keep in your child’s locker

    Grade 1
    12 #2 Pencils
    1 Large Pink Eraser
    2 boxes of Crayons
    2 Sturdy Pocket folders
    4 Big or 8 Small Glue Sticks
    1 Wide-Ruled Spiral Notebook
    2 Wide-Ruled Spiral Notebooks (all classes)
    1 Water Color Paint Set
    2 Highlighters
    1 School Box
    1 Headphones (in a labeled Ziploc Bag)
    1 Colored Pencils
    2 Boxes Washable Markers (classic colors)
    8 Expo Fine-tip Dry Erase Black Markers
    1 Fiskar Scissors
    1 3 Ring 1-inch Binder (for student portfolios)
    1 Box of Kleenex
    1 box Ziploc freeze gallon size bags (boys only)
    1 box Ziploc quartz size bags (girls only)
    Gym Shoes (to keep in student’s locker)
    Please label gym shoes and headphones only.   All other supplies will be shared.
    Grade 2
    24 #2 Pencils with Erasers
    Fiskar Scissors
    2 Pocket Folders
    Elmers Glue Bottle & Glue Sticks
    Wide-Ruled Spiral Notebook
    Small School Box
    Colored Pencils (Optional)
    Washable Markers (Optional)
    Pink Eraser
    5 Expo Fine-tip Dry Erase Black Markers
    Pencil-Top Erasers
    1 Box of Kleenex
    Gym Shoes (to keep in student’s locker)

    Grade 3
    #2 Ticonderoga pencils
    Crayons (24)
    Twistables colored pencils
    Washable markers 8-24 (optional)
    Headphones or ear buds
    One single-subject notebook
    3 highlighters: one pink, one orange, one yellow
    Pack of pink erasers (LOTS) (No pencil cap erasers, please)
    3 Boxes of Expo fine-tip dry erase markers
    Gym shoes (to keep in student’s locker)
    2 boxes of Kleenex
    1” 3-ring binder w/pockets
    Please label gym shoes, notebook, and headphones/ear buds. All other supplies will be shared.

    Grade 4
    3-hole punched Loose Leaf Paper
    1 – 1” binder with clear pocket on front
    1 – 2½” or 3” binder with clear pocket on front
    Several Large Glue Sticks
    Adult Fiskar Scissors
    Mechanical Pencils
    4 pink or white rectangular erasers
    Colored pencils (at least 24 count)
    Small/personal pencil sharpener
    Extra fine tip black markers (map work)
    Non-flexible ruler with cm. & in.
    1 hard sided plastic rectangular pencil box
    Headphones (in a Ziploc bag with name on it)
    Expo fine-tip Dry Erase Markers
    1 Composition Book
    Highlighters (various colors)
    Container of antiseptic wipes
    Box of Kleenex
    Gym Shoes (to keep in student’s locker) Each student will be supplied with a 3-ring binder and homework folder.
    Some supplies will be collected for community use

    Grade 5
    24 ct. #2 pencils & erasers
    1 pencil sharpener
    Colored pencils
    Adult Fiskar Scissors
    Pencil Box
    3 Pocket Folders in different colors
    1 Spiral Notebook
    Gym Shoes
    The following supplies will be collected by the teacher and shared by all students:
    2 Highlighters
    1 Large Glue Bottle
    12 Glue Sticks
    12 Expo Dry Erase Markers
    24ct of #2 Pencils & Erasers

    *Please do not bring Trapper Keepers.  They do not fit in the desks.