• Chief Charlo STEAM Mission Statement

    The Chief Charlo STEAM school community engages ALL learners to develop their abilities and cultivate character through innovative learning experiences. Our STEAM program enriches our students by providing opportunities in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math that promote critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication skills.


    What's New in STEAM

    WHATS NEW IN STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math):

    As classrooms settle and routines are established, students will begin engaging in STEAM activities across the building. This year, students will be participating in building STEAM challenges, classroom STEAM Showcase units, Project Lead The Way engineering modules, computer coding and programming, SPARK lessons with local art residents and a variety of other wonderful experiences in the classroom. We will have our annual “STEAM” night in April too. Please be on the look-out for additional STEAM information from your child(s) teacher.

    In addition, Chief Charlo will focus on three art forms to increase Arts Integration in the classroom. Poetry, tableau and dance movement will be emphasized to support student engagement and understanding with the curriculum throughout the year.


    This December in STEAM

    Chief Charlo continues to make our students STEAM experience a priority at school. Last month, students participate in our very first school-wide STEAM challenge. Our focus were “tableau” performances. Every student, k-5, participated in this challenge. We have a December STEAM challenge planned for December 13th as well.


    In addition, Students continue to explore the “Arts” through our district SPARK! initiative. Again, this year, local art residents are visiting classrooms and creating art integration lessons for students. In addition, technology will be an emphasis this month during our weeklong “hour of code” from December 9th-15th. Students will learn and explore computer programming through coding. We continue to see strong engagement and learning through these STEAM pathways.