• Monica Roscoe
                        Photo courtesy of  Elizabeth Moore 
    Monica Roscoe, Ed.S.

    Welcome, Paxson Panthers!  I am excited to start the 2020-21 school year. We are experiencing a new school year, in smaller groups.  No matter if you are joining us in person, in the On-line Academy, or taking an alternate educational route, we remain a strong Paxson community.  

    At Paxson, we use the Zones of Regulation.  When we are in the green zone, we are good to go and ready to learn.  When we are in the blue zone, we are feeling a little sad, or bored.  The yellow zone means that we are feeling a little on edge, anxious or even overly excited.  When we are in the red zone, we are very angry and sometimes out of control.  As we start to enter school, remember to acknowledge the zones and feelings that you are having.



    Ms. Roscoe

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