• Monica Roscoe
                        Photo courtesy of  Elizabeth Moore 
    Monica Roscoe, Ed.S.

    Welcome back from spring break, and welcome to remote learning from home.

    At Paxson, we use the Zones of Regulation.  When we are in the green zone, we are good to go and ready to learn.  When we are in the blue zone, we are feeling a little sad, or bored.  The yellow zone means that we are feeling a little on edge, anxious or even overly excited.  When we are in the red zone, we are very angry and sometimes out of control.

    Many of you might be in the yellow zone, right now. This new reality of being at home is unexpected.  Some of the tools to help you in the yellow zone might be to take a deep breath, write out or talk about your worries and get some exercise.  Another tip might be to help create your new schedule with your parents or guardians. Routines help us settle in, and get back to the green zone.  

    Perhaps you are also in the blue zone, because you are missing your friends.  Maybe you are sad because of the activities that are canceled.  Some strategies for the blue zone are doing mindfulness, doing some jumping jacks or stretches to gain some energy, or talking about your feelings with someone.  Some kids are asking their friends to set up Facetimes, google hangouts and phone calls to connect.  

    I am available to talk with you or your parents.  The way to reach me is via e-mail. My e-mail is mfroscoe@mcps.k12.mt.us or mfroscoe@mcpsmt.org.  If you want a phone call, just say so on the e-mail.  I will call you, and the number will not be recognizable, from my home cell. I will check my work phone voice mails, once a day. 

    Supporting you in all of the zones at home,


    Ms. Roscoe

    406-728-2400 ext. 4552