• Monica Roscoe
                        Photo courtesy of  Elizabeth Moore 
    Monica Roscoe, M.A., Ed.S.

    Hello, Paxson Panthers!  

    I am fortunate to be a school counselor at Paxson Elementary. I started on a part-time basis, six years ago.  Three years ago I began working full-time, at Paxson.  I strive to help students grow as they move from kindergarten to fifth grades. Paxson students inspire me to grow, too.

    I am part of a mental health team at Paxson.  Clare Maguire works on Fridays as a school counselor. Kate Spencer is our full-time Behavioral Interventionist, this year. I have a new practicum student from the UM Counseling program named Ruthie.  Our mental health team provides Paxson students with support for their academic, personal, social and career needs. Feel free to reach out to any of us for assistance.

    A little bit about me. I was born in Iowa on a farm, and moved to Missoula to attend The University of Montana in 1996. I loved chasing fireflies and going to the woods as a child. I still love being outside as an adult, and now delight in mayflies and stoneflies.  I have a wonderful husband and two kids to explore with.  I feel lucky to live and work in Montana. 

    Currently, I teach classes to Kindergarten and 1st grades on a bi-weekly basis. I see the 5th graders once a month for classes, and twice a month when they are reading with their kindergarten buddies.  Clare teaches bi-weekly classes to 2nd graders, and monthly classes to 3rd graders. Kate teaches monthly classes to fourth graders.  We are currently utilizing Kelso's choices with K-1, Zones of Regulation for all grades and PurposeFull /Character Strong people with all grades. All three of us run small groups, see students individually on a short-term basis, and collaborate with parents, teachers and outside professionals to support the needs of students. 

    The Zones of Regulation help students identify and regulate emotions.  When we are in the green zone, we are good to go, and ready to learn.  When we are in the blue zone, we are feeling a little sad, or bored.  The yellow zone means that we are feeling a little on edge, anxious or even overly excited.  When we are in the red zone, we are very angry and sometimes out of control.  We talk about tools that can help us get out of unwanted zones, such as counting to ten, taking a break, or taking deep breaths.  

    In the fall and spring I hold counseling classes in the Paxson garden. I partner with Garden City Harvest farmer Lori Blumenthal to help kids get involved in the garden, and teach counseling classes in our amazing Paxson garden.  

    Please don't hesitate to reach out to me, Clare, Kate or Ruthie!



    Ms. Roscoe

    406-728-2400 ext. 4552