Class Behavior Program

  • We need our classroom to be an excellent learning environment.  Discipline problems not only interfere with teaching, but also the learning of all students.  We want to foster independence, individuality, and responsibility by allowing students to have input, ownership, and choices everyday. 

    Classroom Rules

    • Follow directions quickly and quietly.
    • Raise your hand for permission to speak.
    • Raise your hand to leave the room.
    • Make smart choices.
    • Always listen when the teacher is talking. 
    • To respect peers, environment, and teachers.
    • Be responsible.
    • Body and voice in control.
    • Get work done.


    School Rules- We use an acronym PACK

    • P- Polite and Respectful
    • A- Always Responsible
    • C- Continually Safe
    • K- Kind to Others


    If a child struggles to follow school or classroom rules, I will always let you know through an email or a phone call. 

    To develop a positive classroom environment I will:

    • Give individual student praise.
    • Send a positive note or phone call.
    • Class celebration
      • Granny Wacky Prize
      • Go Noodle
      • Free Choice