• Diego  
    Hello all, 
    My name is Diego Hammett and I am a father to 7 children and a husband to my beautiful wife Melissa.  As you can figure we are a very busy household with our children.  We have 2 children still in school, 1 in high school and the other in middle school.  They keep us very busy with all their activities they are involved in, from Cross Country in the fall to basketball & Taekwondo in the winter and Track & Field in the Spring.  Not only am I busy with my kids activities, I am also the Head Cross Country coach at Sentinel High school along with being an assistant on the Track & Field team.  With all that we do as a family, I also like to be in the outdoors hunting and fishing when I can. Our summers are spent doing Cross Country summer workouts along with taking family trips when we get a chance.  On the weekends we are usually taking our younger children to powwows around Montana.  It is very important to us that we keep our children involved with their culture as being Native American.  
    I am 1/2 Native American and 1/2 Chamorro.  My parents met while serving in the Army.  My father is from the island of Guam and my mother is from the Ft. Belknap reservation.  My wife is from the Blackfeet reservation.  So we try and teach our kids about all the cultures that they come from.  This is a little something about myself, if you would like to know more, my door is always open at Chief Charlo and I welcome visitors anytime.  
    Mr. Hammett