• At Missoula County Public Schools (MCPS), our mission is to ensure that each student achieves his/her full and unique potential. (Approved by Board of Trustees 2009)

    Five Measurable School District Goals

    • Achievement and graduation for all students, regardless of their circumstances or abilities.
    • Refine and implement a quality evaluation and supervision program for all staff.
    • Define and implement a quality professional development program that encompasses best practices and supports the needs of all staff.
    • Restructure the organization to become more efficient, effective and accountable to support the goals of the district.
    • Cultivate and enhance staff, student, parent, business and community involvement.


    MCPS provides a broad education, recognized for its quality, for every student in a safe, stimulating learning environment. All MCPS students are challenged to develop critical thinking skills, citizenship responsibilities, communication competency, value for the arts, literature, and sciences, understanding of the importance of health and wellness, a love for learning, and preparation for life beyond high school regardless of their vocational pathway. The community trusts and supports the MCPS Board of Trustee’s leadership and vision because the Board:Seeks out and values input from the community through useful public participation strategies and is known for fiscal responsibility and efficiency. Hires highly qualified and competent administration and staff and encourages ongoing education for them as well as Board members. Searches out and is successful at finding alternative and non-traditional funding sources to support District programs. Is perceived by the public as competent, consistent and having integrity.